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25.01.2005 Tabloid News

'Hallelujah! Yes, Members of Parliament …… '

By Ghanaian Voice/GHP
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"Mentally Unstable" Woman Prays For The MPs In Parliament A middle-aged woman caused anguish, laughter and concern in Parliament last week Tuesday. At exactly 10am, the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Ebenezer Sekyi-Hughes, walked in, took his seat and ordered the members to stand for prayer. No sooner had the prayers began than a woman in the public gallery stood up and began screaming: “Hallelujah! Yes, Members of Parliament, you have come to serve your country. Those who served in the last Parliament must account for their stewardship. They cannot...”

She could not finish her sentence before she was whisked away by security.

The weird behavior of the woman scared and took everybody in the chamber aback, as all eyes turned to catch a glimpse of the woman.

The whole house went silent until she was carried out. Members gave in to laughter when the woman who was no more there to disturb proceedings.

Views of most members, sampled after the House had adjourned, expressed their dismay and called for the beefing up of the security in parliament - equipping the personnel to properly check some of these anomalies.

Others were of the view that if the woman had been an assassin or a suicide bomber, she would have murdered every one in the chamber, including the visiting speaker from the Irish Republic and his seven-member delegation.

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