20.06.2016 General News

Facebook Partners With The Institute Of Economic Affairs

20.06.2016 LISTEN
By Ghanaian Chronicle

The Institute of Economic Affairs, as part of its efforts to consolidate good governance and multi-party democracy in Ghana, is partnering with Facebook ahead of the 2016 IEA Presidential Debates. The Institute's Communication Team and its Executive Director, Mrs. Jean Mensa held discussions with Ms. Akua Gyekye, the Public Policy Manager for Facebook, Africa.

The meeting focused on increasing visibility of the IEA's 2016 election program, particularly ensuring a wide coverage of the Presidential Debates. As part of its partnership with IEA, the social media giant will work with the Institute to create a platform where citizens can engage with political leaders and actively participate in the 2016 debates.

Facebook will be supporting the Institute's social media strategy which includes a Facebook Question and Answer sessions with key staff of the IEA, and a live streaming of the 2016 Evening Encounters and Presidential Debates.

The IEA's Facebook Question and Answer sessions will enable the electorate interacts with Institute's staff and seek clarification on issues of national concern.

The institute believes that this interaction will better inform the electorate and promote an issue based election in Ghana.

According to Ms. Akua Gyekye, Facebook is currently working in several African countries including South Africa and Ghana and intends to provide training to political parties, electoral management and civil society to advance good governance and democracy on the Continent.

The Institute hopes that this collaboration with Facebook will provide information to the electorate, promote an issue based election and enable the electorate make an informed choice on Election Day. We encourage Ghanaians to follow the IEA's Facebook page at:

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