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20.06.2016 Feature Article

Six Types Of Awful People You Do Not Want To Hang Out With

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No matter where you stay, you are bound to bump into negative people. People who can tarnish your image, discredit your credibility, neutralise your authority, and suck life out of you. These are the people you should try to avoid, or learn how to handle.

In the previous post we discussed the ‘ Six Types Of Great People You Must Hang Out With ’ as the Dreamer, the Mentors, the Insiders, the Social Media Masters and the IT Guru. Now let’s look at the six types of people you should constantly be on the lookout for, so as to avoid them if possible. At times one has to find ways to live with them.

Here are the six types of people I watch out for, and you should as well:

  • The Unscrupulous Character – This is a bad influencer who has pipe dreams. These people always seem to have an ‘idea,’ a ‘shortcut’ or a ‘get rich quick’ strategy. It may be appealing to my long-term plan, but a closer look into their personal life will show the truth. They always try to turn me onto unorthodox and dirty tactics. The solution is always stick to your guns and don't give these people a chance to infect your mind, strategy, or your sense of pride and honour. Some of these bad influencers are just ignorant.

  • The Epic Complainer – I do not like a complainer. Traveling in packs, epic complainers are thrilled to share their negative, pessimism and anything to kill a positive mood. They appear on social media sites arguing and sharing their negative beliefs like it's their role in life to play the dubious devil's advocate or seeking out rare exceptions to prove you wrong. The toxicity of epic complainers will turn any bright dream into a nightmare. I don't try to argue with epic complainers – I cannot win. I always walk away from such people before they infest me with their depressing ideas. How do you deal with epic complainers?

  • The Spammer – I really believe that you deserve respect and a good reputation. The spammer always end up annoying your audience and dilating my voice. They sent junk mail and try to spread it to my connections. They spread my contact details all over without either my consent or respecting my privacy. They spread so called warnings, rude jokes and profane jokes. Such people I disconnect or at most times firstly express my opinion about their messages. Some of these people send me messages which they want to force me to spread so that I can get a ‘blessing.’ At times the messages threaten that if I do not forward the message to ‘7 people’ I will be cursed. I always find this insulting. How about you?

  • The Persistent Vendor – You have seen businesses and websites that always seem to want nothing else but your money. The persistent vendor is a greedy person who encourages this behaviour, salivates at pyramid schemes and will overprice average products while failing to deliver quality content. This type of networker has a burning desire to use your money to advance his or her financial interests and does not believe in offering anything for free. Their ‘greatest’ advice is ‘instead of doing this for free, you can make a lot of money by selling this.’ They do nothing for free! If they give you something for free, they will force you to pay on the next. These people are onto my pocket. They always want to sell me something. That is their first impression. This at times put me off because I want to connect with you, not your products. Do you have persistent vendors around you?

  • The Dirty Minded Addict – This group believe that the world revolves around sexual fantasy and relationships, and they are attracted to and search for groups with profanity. All their comments are on looks, relationships and sex. By their comments you wonder what other business they are excellent at. They join groups and connect fast to other dirty minded addicts in the name of fun. However this type of behaviour sucks their energy and creativity, drawing them into mediocre lifestyle or bottom feeders. With this kind of lust, one cannot live a very productive life. Once in a while they send me funny jokes or story, which I always replying by first by warning them that I do not appreciate such messages. And if they continue sending them unfriending or blocking will be the next step. That is why before I accept a friend request I check if the person is real and is not a dirty minded addict.

  • The Religious Freak – This group of individuals are so much disconnected from reality such that they live in their own world. They answer every question about their personal life with a Bible verse. Some have excluded themselves from churches or any leadership based on a verse. Others force you to like their Facebook status and if you don’t they threaten you using Jesus. They have already fixed the date when the world will end, they know the name of the antichrist. Beware of these people because they will do more harm to you than good, by making you doubt your personal faith.

The best way is to steer clear of the above characters. They will only push negative expectations and they give feedback that will stifle your successes.

Surround yourself with the right crowd who will lift you higher! Your connections are the environment that you live in. They shape your life and they shape your future. Remember it is better to have empty basket than to have a basket full of rotten tomatoes.

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