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20.06.2016 General News

Ghana's Parliament to sit for long hours over urgent business

By MyJoyOnline
Ghana's Parliament to sit for long hours over urgent business
LISTEN JUN 20, 2016

Ghana’s legislature is expected to sit for long hours in remaining days of June 2016 to enable house deal with some urgent matters before it, Joynews has gathered.

Joynews’ Parliamentary Correspondent, Elton Brobbey said because the Members of Parliament would want to commence their campaign ahead of the November polls, the House will sit long hours to finish the current business before it rises.

MPs are expected to finish work on some urgent bills before the House such as the Bank and Specialise Deposit Taking Institution Bill 2015, the Right to Information Bill, and the Ghana Institution of Taxation.

There is also the possibility a supplementary budget will be submitted to Parliament for it to be worked on.

With barely six months to the much anticipated November 7 election, many of the Members would want to go to their constituencies to campaign. Others also would want to join their Presidential candidates to campaign across the country.

In order to make that possible, Joynews has gathered that there has been some understanding between the leadership of the House and the Members of Parliament to ensure that the House rises on time to allow the MPs go about their campaigns.

However, they are likely to be called back under a certificate of urgency to consider the Constitutional amendment which concerns the election date to enable the Electoral Commission (EC) to hold the election in November rather than December.

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