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14.06.2016 Feature Article

Article 301: Experience Is Everything

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Most people often misconstrue the dynamics of experience in everyday life. Okay, for the purposes of this write-up, experience will be limited to one's field, domain or area. And yours truly is incredibly competent to dissect the matter in hand because I am a highly experienced individual in writing circles. I tell you, experience is everything when it comes to making progress and achieving success. It actually empowers you to operate beyond predetermined limits and standards in theories. In fact, experience is a phenomenal strategy for performing remarkable feats. So give it topmost priority in utilising your craft.

Moreover, experience literally means the practical knowledge and skill gained from doing an activity. Albert Einstein is also famed for declaring that, "The only source of knowledge is experience." Surprisingly, folks believe the popular misconception that experience is equivalent to the number of years spent. Gosh, that is a terrible philosophy many people subscribe to! Well, experience is never about time or years and theory; it is always proven by the value of one's activity or work. No wonder Vince Lombardi once opined that, "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect."

Also, people who are mesmerised by my writing prowess even at the age of 19 ask me what my big secret is. I simply tell them that experience is the backbone of my unsurpassed potential. That is what I tell wannabes and raw talents in the writing fraternity. For my atypical writing skills have been developed through my priceless experience in writing. I have never been an arts student in school and I do not need advanced class lessons on writing. Why? Experience has actually helped me to explore the impossibility in the art of writing. Do you think close to 300 articles in few years I have to my credit have gone waste? My long-time readers say that I have mastered writing through my impressive improvements in writing, and not the mere years non-prolific senior writers boast of.

Yes, "Experience is the teacher of all things," according to Julius Caesar. Hey, what skill, talent, gift or potential do you possess? Forget about memorising concepts of your skill; practise your potential well, with eagerness and dedication. You will then figure out how your gift practically functions in a million ways, to tell the truth. This will enable you to learn and optimise uncommon aspects of your talent for your own progress, development and greatness. Remember, "Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge," Mahatma Ghandi asserted.


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