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03.06.2016 Opinion

Lost Souls (Flood Victims)

By Raphael Kumah Abolasom
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Exactly a year ago,
Mothers perished!
Some fathers, gone forever ! They will return no more.

Some Daughters , the pride of their parents will return home no more.. Crushed ambitions....

Dreams of some sons cut short by tragic death!
No more are the Bread winners of some families...... Gone too soon

What was their crime?
They chose to reject laziness and go out to work hard; to earn their daily bread !

Did the hard work really pay on their way home?
They actually arrived home but this time round not the home they left but the home of their ancestors, Leaving their children behind.....

Who will pay that young beautiful girl's school fees?

Who will pay that handsome young man's school fees?

Who will pay grandpa's hospital bills?
Who will pay grandma's hospital bills ?
Many are the questions asked ......
You and I killed the lost souls; we dumped rubbish in gutters so drainage was poor.....!

Your dad and that of mine built our houses in the water ways; it made drainage impossible!

Our city planning was done with the highest ineptitude ......!

The "we will" governments failed to provide adequate drainage infrastructure in the only CITY OF THE BEST african mayor !

Where are the greedy politicians, they will mourn with us today, to get our votes tomorrow and leave us to suffer this same fatal fate tomorrow next!

You have failed! I have failed ! We have failed !
Political leaders before and now have failed us!
The disaster did not distinguish btn NPP and NDC, neither did it distinguish btn Cpp and PPP nor the many others

We are all to blame ....
May we not cry for this same reason tomorrow ; today it's Accra, God forbid it could be here tomorrow .

Let's change our attitude, government of Ghana wake up! Wake up, It's not too late !

I cry with the bereaved families!
Ghana mourns with you!
May the departed souls of the Flood victims rest in perfect peace!

Raphael Kumah Abolasom
[email protected]

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