Magna Carta encourages corporate bodies to effectively manage crisis

By | Joy Business
Business & Finance Magna Carta encourages corporate bodies to effectively manage crisis

Touchpoint Magna Carta, Ghana’s affiliate of reputation management agency, Magna Carta has organised a session to sensitise corporate executives on the importance of effective crisis management.

Speaking to Joy business at a seminar held in Accra yesterday, C.E.O of Magna Carta, Vincent Magwenya, intimated the need to efficiently handle crisis in any organisation and also emphasised on the involvement of leadership in such practices.

"Crisis management is a system of business sustainability and a poorly managed crisis could precipitate the end of a business or the end of any institution," Mr. Magwenya said.

He added that history shows how companies have lost massive values and their bottom line have been heavily fractured. as a result of a poorly managed crisis situation. It is not a peripheral issue but it sits at the very heart of a sustainability of every business entity in guiding a crisis situation.

"One of the elements we will encourage greatly is the involvement of leadership. Not only are the organization better prepared, but often when organizations are struggling to manage a crisis, you should see a failure of leadership as well as the absence of a clear management crisis plan," Mr. Magwenya explained.

"When there is a plan in place, you see a greater level of leadership guiding the institution during the crisis period as well as making sure the plan is executed and with a level of diligence and efficiency" Mr. Magwenya added

Meanwhile, General Manager of Touchpoint Magna Carta, Clarence Amoatey entreated corporate bodies to engage professionals in a deal with public relations and crisis management issues.

He said companies should always speak to professional to get your PR communication right and for help out of a crisis.

Mr. Amoatey said the perception ought to be corrected that not everyone who can talk into a microphone is a communication consultant and the work of a professional PR person cannot be over emphasised.