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Rejoinder: Why Bawumia Is A Liar, A Stooge And A Disgrace To Muslims And Northerners

Rejoinder: Why Bawumia Is A Liar, A Stooge And A Disgrace To Muslims And Northerners
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I am horrified at the vicious attack on the ace economist Dr Mahamudu Bawumia by John Mahama's propagandist Seth Mifetu. It would seem that the NDC is feeling the pinch of the great strides that he is chocking in the three Northern Regions of Ghana, exposing the liars of the NDC for their corruption, thievery, misfeasance, malfeasance, nihilism and other most obnoxious traits of social terrorism.

I can almost vouch that the NDC is crippled by the lack of astute politicians to direct it on an appreciable bearing of democracy. It is one party that is riddled with infantile personalities and unknowledgeable literate charlatans who interpret logic as a 'fart', falsehood as holy dictates, and wickedness as a social necessity.

Seth Mifetu must have forgotten that John Mahama was the one who went on a tour of the three Northern regions asking the people to vote for him because he was a Northerner. The ignoramus must have forgotten that it was Attivor who made that tribalistic comment in the Volta Region asking Voltarians to vote for the NDC because they are Ewes. Seth Mifetu must have forgotten that Asiedu Ntetia and his shrinks threw their weight behind Attivor defending her inflammatory rhetoric. Aah, but what can one say to an undiscerning fool? The tribalism of John Mahama and his NDC stooges/crooks is embedded in their genes.

Talking about Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia going to church and shrines etc. Which shrine did he go to. He has never been to any shrine, and if you, a Christian, claim that Dr.Mahmoudu Bawumia's visit to churches is a blasphemy, then you ought to bury your head in shame. He is a Muslim and very tolerant of other religions, as we Muslims are taught to be, unlike the few Western-incited religious bigots that are found in every religion. Shame on you Seth Mifetu for insinuating that going to church is a blasphemy. The fact that he went to church with Nana Akufo-Addo just accentuates the need for unity and religious tolerance, which the NDC lacks.

Your obnoxious lies will only cement your abode in hell where you belong inshallah. What has John Mahama done for the Northern regions? If, as a legislator in Parliament for 12 years, he was unable to bring any appreciable and documented development to his constituency, how would you figure he would do that on a broader scale as an error president? You said he built what? School children remain under Sheanut trees. Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia had to raise the red flag by donating furniture for some schools in John Mahama's neighbourhood, there in the Northern Part of Ghana. Medical facilities are inop. There are no medicines and the infant mortality rate in the three Northern regions is the highest anywhere. What development did you say John Mahama brought to those communities? Infrastructural projects? Social interventions? Basic amenities for survival? Human development? My GOD!!!

In fact this is the reason why John Mahama and the NDC must be relegated to the Manhole of disgraceful history. John Mahama cannot stick his chest out with any claim of development for the three Northern Regions at all. Even agriculture is a dead deal. Agriculture has become a non-culture under the wicked rule of John Mahama; and idiots like you defend the indefensible. The road to the Tamale is a death trap, what has he done on that one? Talk about Nana Akufo-Addo? father. You rightly said that he was a ceremonial president and it is a well-established fact that such a position came without authority. The aliens act did not target Muslims, on the contrary. Nana Akufo-Addo never insulted Muslims. Where did you get that one from? I do not know how old Seth Mifetu is, but for the length of time I have been on earth and always in Ghana, I have never once heard anything as preposterous as the nonsense that Seth wrote.

Besides, was it not Fiifi Kwertey who said that a Muslim can never be the President of Ghana and that Ghanaian Christians will never vote for a Muslim? Fiifi Kwertey was speaking on authority of the NDC at the time. Let me borrow John Mahama's term to describe you, BALONEY! And so if Malam Issah stole, was he expected to go scot-free. Of course he was going to be jailed. Last week, in the Central region, John Mahama and his guards desecrated the sanctity of a Mosque by walking into it with their shoes on. And you have the audacity to spew mendacity and propaganda.

On Paul Afoko, Seth Mifetu's lack of reason and judgment confirms that he is a non-entity. In the first place, he does not know the constitution of the NPP to talk rubbish. Secondly, knowing that Paul Afoko is a stooge of the NDC, it does not surprise me that an NDC devil like Mireku will mount such a defense in his favour. Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia will continue to expose the thievery of John Mahama and his idiots and that is what is causing their pain. John Mahama and the NDC have robbed the country dry. They have reeled in shame and disgust to Ghana. How about the 250 million dollars that the government recently stole, Seth Mireku?

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