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08.05.2016 Feature Article

4,029 Ghost teachers found on government payroll - Graphic Online

4,029 Ghost teachers found on government payroll - Graphic Online
LISTEN MAY 8, 2016

Read this! Ghost teachers on government payroll in addition to other employees!

So We still do not have any personal and property ID and databases!

I am going to send this directly to the office of the President if they will give this to him to read. I have written to too many leaders of Ghana since the 1970s, and I will use this simple communication if anybody cares.

With all due respect we must end this mark of illiteracy and backwards village lifestyle and style of living where you all knew each others' houses and hence did not need an ID or house number!

The funny thing about living like that 18th century living is that people lived by the Grace of God, there was no need for planning and nobody paid taxes except as the Chief demanded once in a while to pave the farm roads!

Today we have income and property taxes, register children for schools, people even open Bank accounts instead of keeping the money under mattresses and even use ATM cards; and some even travel and dare apply for loans! And now we are told to even vote!

How do you do all these without some specific unique identifier number and picture with verifiable permanent address that will last even beyond the red kiosk or big tree at the corner!

Mr. President, please can you take this serious! Our nation is losing too much revenue and time losses and productivity due to this backwards way of living!

Please demand all the D/MCEs to complete a Property numbering and street naming exercise that you started; and please call on some of our Computer Science professors to help design databases for every town, district and region that can be used to identify people and property.

Once everybody has an address such as 125, 127 or 129 Kofi Mensa Street (odd on one side and even on the other), at Madina, Accra, then you give everybody 2-3 months to get a picture ID at the nearest Post Office with some Birth Certificate or 2 guarantors!

Mr. President, it is not that hard! Within 3 months you would have changed the culture and systems design for Ghana!!

I know your advisers will tell you to go and obtain a $150 million loan but trust me Mr. President, even in high technology California we don't need or use Biometric registration! That was one of the most wasted capital purchases our nation made.

Please do not think of borrowing money or begging the white man for this! Let us challenge ourselves and do this!!

If you need money, ask everybody to pay Ghc2 or 3 for their ID card!

Thanks Dr. K. Danso

Kwaku A. Danso
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