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24.12.2004 General News

Du Bois Memorial Centre Commended

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Accra, Dec. 24, GNA - An African American Historian and scholar has commended the good educational training the youth were receiving at the W.E.B Dubois Memorial Centre in Ghana. Dr Gil Trott, 76, said the African cultural and educational training had made them very African, conscious and to believe in themselves as Africans.

It has also thought them to treat all human beings as equals in international relations.

Dr Trott, who was recently on a visit to Accra wrote in Standpoint, New Jersey, US newspaper, under the headline 'Black Angels 11: The Reunion' that he was surprised at the discipline, mental alertness, hospitality and the care students of the Du Bois Centre gave him when he was on admission at the Dr Nyaho Clinic in Accra, Ghana. He observed that with those attitude, it was evident that the youth "do not warm up to people who look down upon them, they abhor arrogance and react in kind."

Dr Trott said, while he was bed ridden at the Clinic, Dr Teacher Maulana, a Historian and Egyptologist, organized a group of his young African students and made a surprise visit to the hospital to see him, late in the evening.

He said, Dr Maulana has selflessly volunteered his time each Sunday afternoon at the Du Bois Centre to teach an African Conscious Study Group he founded and established in 1998 at the Centre, Dr Trott was full of praise for Dr Maulana, saying, "Maulana is a top rate historian. His love for the people of Africa and the passion that he exudes in defending their history and their rights is contagious."

He said Maulana has given hope to the Ghanaian youth and other Africans, restored and instilled discipline and dignity in them, and saved hundreds of African youth and adult from despair, disillusionment, and he protects them as if they were his own children.

"His greatest legacy should be in the number of angels that he is grooming to carry on his work throughout all Africa."

Dr. Trott quoted the late renowned historian Dr John Henrik Clarke's saying that said, " We are the only people on earth with a continent that belongs solely to us, no matter who is there now, it belongs to us."

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