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30.04.2016 Feature Article

Clergy Must Answer For Easter Sunday Evils and Quit Preaching Christianity Altogether (Part I)

Clergy Must Answer For Easter Sunday Evils and Quit Preaching Christianity Altogether (Part I)
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A few days ago, the children of Yisroel all over the world celebrated Khag Pesach (the feast of Passover?). Khag Pesach is the annual commemoration of the deliverance of the children of Yisroel from bondage to Mitzrayim in the days of Moshe (Moses?) and of holy activities they carried out in their homes under the instructions of Elohiym on their last night in Mitzrayim, before departing on pilgrimage to Canaan.

Khag Pesach is eternally fixed by Elohiym to be celebrated, according to a time reckoned by the Creator’s calendar, on Nisan 14 of every year. So then, when the children of Yisroel last celebrated Khag Pesach, a few days ago, the date of that celebration was Nissan 14, 5776, From Creation (FC)!

You may have to get closer to the history of Yisroel to take in all this From Creation stuff; that is, if you are yet to get acquainted with this dating reference!! Also be informed that Nissan is the first month of the Creator’s calendar and is also known as Abib (or Aviv).

Whilst in Yisroel the date for Khag Pesach for this year, according to the Creator’s calendar, was Nissan 14, 5776 FC, in all of the Goyim (Gentile nations of Earth) the date of this same day was, by the reckoning of the Gregorian calendar that rules them, April, 22, 2016, CE (i.e. Common Era)!! I shall be explaining the term Common Era presently, but, even as I am yet to do so, please try to keep in mind both FC and CE as you read this article.

At every Khag Pesach, a one year old male lamb without blemish was killed in all households in Yisroel, the meat grilled on open fire behind closed doors and eaten with bread and bitter herbs as an evening meal in commemoration of their deliverance from slavery in Mitzrayim. In fact, the sacrificed lambs were always considered as ones that stood in their stead and whose deaths brought them life and liberty as the lambs’ blood atoned for their sins!

So then, when the Savior of all mankind—Yahushua is his holy Ivrit (Hebrew) name, and not the man-made and now highly popularized Goyim name of offence, JESUS CHRIST, of Greek roots which has engulfed the whole world—came to Earth on a mission from his Abba (Father), Yahuwah Elohiym, and was introduced by YahuKhanan Ben ZakharYahu (John the Baptist?) to Yisroel as HaSeh HaElohiym (the Lamb of Elohiym) who had come to take the sin of the world away, he was thus being introduced as the universal Pesach Seh (Passover Lamb), chosen and approved by Elohiym to deal with man’s enslavement to sin and to liberate him from it, in and by shedding his blood in sacrifice.

The sacrificial death of HaSeh HaElohiym, therefore, had to coincide with the time of slaughtering of the Pesach Seh for the celebration of Khag Pesach in the last year of the Savior on Earth. This day had to be on Nissan 14, as that was the day that Elohiym had ordained in His calendar for the Pesach Seh to always be killed every year.

So then, from the historical records and the Jewish calendar, the day Yahushua was sacrificed in YahuSalem was Nissan 14, 4028 FC!! Note, as already stated, that in the current Gregorian year of 2016 CE, the anniversary of Yahushua’s death was celebrated by the children of Yisroel on Nissan 14, 5776 FC, which, according to the Gregorian calendar, was April 22, 2016 CE!!

Now, if one were to stay with and live solely in the Gregorian calendar, the one would have joined all Christians of the world to celebrate Good Friday in a supposed commemoration of the death of the Savior as the world’s Christian faithful did on the earlier date of March 25, 2016 CE, ignorant and oblivious that it was scheduled by the Jewish calendar to occur on Nissan 14, 5776 FC (April 22, 2016 CE?)!!

This means that, before the children of Yisroel could get to celebrate the death of their very own kinsman, Yahushua HaBen HaElohiym, HaMashakhYahu (the Anointed One Of Yahuwah), Christians—all of whom are Goyim, except for a few misguided children of Yisroel among them—had already done him (Yahushua) honors about a month earlier by celebrating Good Friday in memory of his death on March 25, 2016 CE!

How could that be?? And yet, while rejoicing in the euphoria of a so-called Good Friday celebration of the Savior’s death, Christians went on into a more joyous celebration of a supposed resurrection of Yahushua as Easter Sunday on March 27, 2016 CE!! How could that be??

But then, this was exactly what happened right before the eyes of today’s eye witnesses of the Good Friday and Easter Sunday celebrations of 2016 CE. Of course, this is what has always happened—the celebration of Christians’ Good Friday and Easter Sunday occurring ahead of Khag Pesach of the children of Yisroel—for centuries; that the Goyim of the world would want to mourn the dead of Yisroel ahead of the actual bereaved family by starting to wail even when the bereaved children of Yisroel had not yet laid its corpse in state!! How and why would that be so??

A big deception by a false Gregorian calendar is the bane of all Goyim who seek the salvation of the Most High One while relying solely on this calendar and ignorant of the Creator’s own!! Sad to observe that when Goyim salvation seekers get bitten by a bug of deception, coming from what their leaders teach them to believe, they give no thoughts whatsoever to their zeal! Oh, what venomous killing power there is in zeal without revelation knowledge!!

Now, let us talk a little about the unique annual calendar that has always directed the spiritual, agricultural and political life of the Nation of Yisroel! Though only known today simply as the Jewish calendar, as stated earlier, it is reckoned From Creation (FC) and, therefore, manifests the hand and wisdom of the Creator as being a perfect masterpiece and most reliable calendar!

The Goyim may have come to know about this unique calendar only recently and so attribute it to the Ninth Century CE, but this calendar has long existed and is what has directed all activities of the children of Yisroel ever since they entered Canaan to occupy it as their inheritance from Elohiym, after their deliverance from enslavement to Mitzrayim and subsequent forty-year long journey through the wilderness and deserts of Sinai.

Therefore, it is this calendar that determined the times of their worship services, which were, for centuries, conducted in the Tabernacle and, later on, in the Beit HaMikdash (Jerusalem Temple?). This same calendar is what was used to prepare a rooster and the order of courses for kohanim (temple priests?) working in the Beit HaMikdash, to lead in the schedules and order of the Feasts of Yahuwah Elohiym they were mandated to celebrate, as well as the times of their agricultural activities, etc. Interestingly, it is this same calendar that has ruled in all affairs of Yisroel to date!

There are twelve months that constitute this annual calendar, displaying an alternating 30-day and 29-day cycle. The first month of this calendar is called Nissan (or Abib or Aviv), as already stated, and has 30 days, while Adar is the last month with 29 days. In between them are Iyyar (Zif), Sivan, Tammuz, Ab (Av), Elul, Tishri (Ethanim), Heshvan (Bul), Kislev, Tebeth (Tevet), and Shebat (Shevat) in running order and alternating according to their ordained number of days.

Each of the twelve months contains four seven-day weeks with each day of the week named in an order or position according to the names of the days in the Creation account of Elohiym in Beresheet (Genesis?) chapter one. So then, from the first to the seventh day of the week they are named, respectively, thus: Yom Echad (First Day or Day One, or D1 by my own tagging), Yom Sheini (D2), Yom Shlishi (D3), Yom Revi’i (D4), Yom Chamishi (D5), Yom Shishi (D6), and Yom HaShevi’i (D7).

It must also be stated that each of these days spans or starts from one evening, progressing through night, through to daylight, and then ends the next evening; with the next named day following in the same order.

Now, outside of Yisroel and among almost all Goyim (the Gentile nations of Earth), the Gregorian calendar—a calendar that is entirely different from the one made by Elohiym for Yisroel (and intended for all mankind)—is rather what rules in all the affairs of the Goyim.

The Gregorian calendar derives its name from a Pope Gregory XIII, even though it was actually crafted by an Italian doctor, astronomer and philosopher by name Luigi Lilio (aka Aloysius Lilius), and only recently in 1582 CE!

Many other calendars in existence seem to have been inspired by the Gregorian or are affiliated to it, all of which have been crafted and made by man and, thus, are without any proven inspiration of Elohiym.

Part II
The Gregorian calendar determines every activity and event on Earth today, and is also tied to every historical record of mankind’s past! So then, not many have ever even heard there were other calendars; more so, the calendar that has the hand of the Creator in it and in use by Yisroel!

The Gregorian calendar is said to be referenced to the date of birth of the Savior in Yisroel, whose true name is Yahushua, but, because this true name later on became lost on the Goyim of the world when it was willfully replaced with JESUS CHRIST by evil-minded men, all dates of the Gregorian calendar were referred to as Before Christ (BC) for those dates that fell before this birth, and then the Latin “Anno Domini” (AD; meaning, “In the year of our Lord”) for those years that are supposed to have come after the Savior’s birth!

So then, not too long ago, all dates in relation to the Gregorian calendar were tagged as BC or AD, depending on whether they fell before or were considered to have fallen after the birth of the Savior. However, it is now the norm to refer to dates relating to the Gregorian calendar as Before Common Era (BCE) for all dates before the birth of the Savior and Common Era (CE) for those after this birth!

Interestingly, hard critics of the Gregorian have tagged BCE and BC as Before Common Error and Common Error, respectively, instead! It is therefore obvious that no one can expect to have a good relation or harmony to exist between the Jewish calendar and the Gregorian!

In comparison to the Jewish calendar, the Gregorian calendar is just too bizarre in its structure and simply too irregular in pattern and therefore too cumbersome, if not completely impossible, to live by! And yet, it has been forced upon mankind!

Yes, it has twelve months in a year just as the Jewish calendar. But, unlike the Jewish calendar which has a simple and easy-to-follow alternating 30- and 29-day monthly cycle, the Gregorian calendar has months consisting of either 31, 30 or 28 days, with no particular pattern or alternation!

The bizarre nature of this calendar is further magnified every leap year when its second month, February, gets an extra day added to it! Well, if you know whoever it is who has power to create an extra day every four years for the good of mankind, you may let me also know him, dear reader!

When the Creator has given names to every one of the months in His twelve-month calendar—to be known and accepted as coming from Him—the man-made Gregorian calendar has other names altogether, as January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December, for the first to twelfth month respectively; all of which are rooted in names of pagan deities of ancient Greece and Rome!

While these anglicized names have been crafted for English speakers, people of all other languages are left to do as they also please in their choice of month-names, not minded by what names of the months Elohiym has revealed for the use of all mankind!!

The bizarre nature of the Gregorian calendar is further manifested as its first month, January, commences three months before the first Jewish month of Nissan (Abib) starts! And so, to suppose that one can equate Sivan, which is the third month of the Jewish calendar to March/April of the Gregorian calendar in trying to make a match of the two calendars is just impossible!

That is why the event of Khag Pesach of Nissan 14, 5776 FC which was celebrated only a few days ago, was strangely deemed to have occurred a good four weeks earlier according to the Gregorian calendar as Good Friday on March 25, 2016 CE, even though Khag Pesach and Good Friday are said to mean the same event and must have the same date of occurrence and, thus, celebration!

So then, the first month, January, of the Gregorian calendar, if thought to be the same as the first month Nissan of the Jewish calendar, is only a deception of the mind; for, in reality, they are not. The human mind is only fooled into equating, say, Nissan 14, 5776 FC, wherein Khag Pesach was celebrated recently, to April 22, 2016 CE, where no Good Friday celebrations could take place!

Obviously, then, it is absurd and even ridiculous to try to equate Nissan 14, 5776 FC to April 22, 2016 CE!! Therefore, whoever masterminded the crafting of the Gregorian calendar has obviously achieved his intent of creating conflict, confusion, anarchy and deception among people who seek and desire to do the will of Elohiym!

Again, even though the Gregorian calendar is like the Jewish one, in that it also has a four-in-one seven-day week within every month, its days of the week are named differently from how Elohiym has named His days and commanded mankind to go by.

The Gregorian calendar also considers two days—the Seventh and the First Days of the Week of the Jewish calendar—which it collectively terms “week end” in which no work is done; indifferent to the command of Elohiym for mankind to rest from his labors only on the Seventh Day of the Week!

Sadly, lazy and fun-seeking mankind seems happy to have this pagan calendar give him rest in two full days and is therefore willing to adore the one who brought him this plenty rest-time instead of obeying Elohiym according to His Jewish calendar!

Another marked distinction between the two calendars is that every day of the Gregorian calendar is structured to span from midnight to midnight, in contrast to the Jewish one which spans from evening to evening by the power of Elohiym!

Yet still, the names that are given to the days of the week in the Gregorian calendar are completely different from those of the Jewish one. These names of the Gregorian deviate completely from a normal count of numbers, as is the case with the Creator’s calendar, to names that seem to represent deities, people, or concepts!

And so, in English for example, the days of the week are as follows: Sunday (Sun Day) as the first day of the week, then, Monday (Moon Day), Tuesday (Tiw’s Day), Wednesday (Woden’s or Mercury’s Day), Thursday (Thor’s or Jupiter’s Day), Friday (Frigg’s Day), to Saturday (Saturn Day or Satan Day?) as the seventh, respectively!!

The questions to ask about these names of the week are: Who or what is Tiw, Woden, Thor or Friggs?? We may think of Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn to be elements of the Solar System; but then, is that really so?? Are all these names that are given to the days of the week, not in fact, names of pagan deities who are, thus, honored by mankind, even if unconsciously?? So then, has mankind not been tricked into a perpetual veneration and recognition of some pagan deities by his daily pronouncement of these names in the Gregorian calendar?? Is today’s mankind safe at all??

As can immediately be discerned, these two calendars—the one developed with the wisdom and leadings of Elohiym to guide His chosen nation Yisroel and, indeed, all mankind, and the other by this Pope Gregory XIII—are bound to be in conflict with each other and definitely bound to create confusion, misunderstanding and strife among their users.

And was this confusion which has come upon the Earth not intentionally sought, as mankind willfully rejected the calendar that Elohiym led the children of Yisroel to develop based on His instructions to them, so it would fit perfectly into the times and seasons He has set apart and sanctified for His feasts, to instead adopt the one made by a man, even if a Pope Gregory, solely through human effort and, maybe, with the wisdom of Lucifer even tainting it?

You see, the greatest and most important event to Christians worldwide, who are solely led by the Gregorian calendar, is their faith in their annual celebrations of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, which they claim to be in remembrance of the death and resurrection, respectively, of Yahushua!

However, by their recent celebrations of Good Friday and Easter Sunday on March 25, 2016 and March 27 2016 CE, respectively, they display that they celebrate obvious falsehoods!! For, in so far as the celebration of Good Friday by Christians on March 25, 2016 CE, did not coincide with the celebration of Khag Pesach on Nissan 14, 5776 FC (which fell on April 22, 2016 by the reckoning of the Gregorian calendar)—the true date in Nissan determined for the commemoration of the death of the Savior of mankind that was observed by Yisroel—then Christians have always dabbled in falsehood and lying, as shown by their celebrations of Good Friday and Easter Sunday on March 25 and March 27, 2016 CE, respectively! What joyous celebrations of deception, year in year out!!

Part III
It is very sad that Christian clergymen have deceived themselves and their followers into celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday for centuries with no spiritual blessing accruing to them ever since the inception of Christianity in ca. 320 CE, as these feasts are without the mandate or instruction of Elohiym!

Have all Christian clergymen not claimed to have heard the voice of the Most High One call them for training in the Seminaries or Bible Colleges they attend in order for them to be able to do the work they do in their claims of leading sinners into His salvation? And yet, they cast aside the Creator’s calendar in preference for the Deceiver’s own while seeking to work for Elohiym?? What shocking mess they have brought upon themselves and their followers by their huge naivety in preferring a man-made calendar over that of the Creator!

Do clergymen not also claim they are always led and directly supervised by Elohiym through some “Holy Spirit” in the work they do; and yet, are even ignorant of the true Supervisor and Teacher called Ruwakh HaQuodesh who is made available to all true workers of the Most High One??

How could their claims of being called to duty and of being supervised by Elohiym in their work be true, when they display such a terrible blunder in what they preach and lead their flock to do regarding the celebration of their so-called Good Friday and Easter Sunday, both of which are completely at variance with Khag Pesach of Yisroel which celebrates the death of Yahushua??

No doubt, the flagship sermon of all Christian clergymen is one that is centered on their own understanding [misunderstanding?] of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Savior! This is their primary sermon which they preach to sinners seeking to lead them into the salvation of Elohiym, which they even base in glaring error that the Savior, after being sacrificed, was buried on a Friday evening and resurrected on a Sunday morning!

In fact, they teach that after the Savior had been sacrificed and laid to rest in a tomb, if he never resurrected according to his scheduled time, upon spending exactly “three days and three nights” in the tomb so as to fulfill the sign of HaNavi Yonah (MattitYahu 12:40), then they (Christians) would have been the most pitiful people on Earth; for they would have remained in their sins—unsaved!! And yet, they fail to see or recognize the impossibility of obtaining a correct count of “three days and three nights” between a Friday evening burial and the following Sunday morning, crucial in giving them the genuine and true resurrection of Yahushua!!

In this flagship sermon, they urge sinners to accept their error-riddled version of the account of the resurrection of the Savior, so they may be saved; ignorant that they (themselves) who preach the false version of this resurrection cannot be and are not saved by it!!

For, who can ever be saved by believing falsehood and deception—particularly, the deception of a Sunday dawn resurrection, when, in actual fact, this resurrection occurred at the evening hour that commenced the observance of Shabbat on the Seventh Day of the Week (Saturday), in the year it happened??

It is just too sad that Christian clergymen have eyes but are stark blind. They have eyes to read and yet when they do, they have no spiritual minds to comprehend what they read. Did Lucifer not warn mankind and even dare Elohiym that he would “change times and laws” that are set by the Most High One—cf. Dani’El (Daniel) 7:25?? So then, was Lucifer to be taken lightly in his resolve to mastermind, craft, and commission the Gregorian calendar so as to “change times and laws” which Elohiym has set for mankind’s good?

But Christian clergymen decided to play ball with Lucifer, who, acting through Revi’i Khayyah (the Fourth Beast), brought into being the Gregorian calendar to set aside all times and feasts that Elohiym set for mankind in His calendar for Yisroel, and thus doing away with the observations of the holydays of Elohiym to relish in the holidays of Lucifer!

Everything that is believed and practiced by Christians is a sham of Lucifer that has come about because he has forced upon mankind a calendar that cannot fit as a template into that which is made by the Creator.

So then, when, long ago, the Creator reckoned that a yet-to-happen commemoration of His son’s death on Earth must occur on Nissan 14, 5776 FC by His calendar, Lucifer convinced mankind to go by the reckoning of his Gregorian calendar to do this commemoration on March 25, 2016 CE instead, and thereby deceived mankind to go way ahead of Elohiym by a good four weeks in this celebration!! Remember that Nissan 14, 5776 FC was by man’s reckoning, April 22, 2016 CE!!

With such a poor display of time-consciousness by Christians in honoring the invitation to be with Elohiym at His appointed time and season for Khag Pesach and, consequently, any celebration of the resurrection of His most beloved son, what is there for Christians to gain in this resurrection??

Only woes and curses, as a result of the galore of errors committed on man’s part, await him! Mankind has erred concerning the name of the Savior, whom they have been deceived to believe as JESUS CHRIST; when, in fact, he is Yahushua. No wonder this JESUS CHRIST is obviously proven as an imposter since he is deemed to have resurrected after only one and half days in a tomb—from a supposed Friday evening hour of burial to a Sunday morning—short of the “three days and three nights” that Yahushua HaBen HaElohiym, the true Savior, spent in his tomb before his resurrection!

How come Christians believe in a dawn resurrection when they teach an evening hour burial?? Would the scheduled time of “three days and three nights” for the Savior to rest in the tomb, not be up at exactly the same hour as his burial on the due day (date)? Why should it then be a dawn resurrection, as has been proclaimed for centuries by Christian clergymen, when his burial was in the evening?

Furthermore, how come Christian clergymen have come to believe that the resurrection of the Savior occurred on a First Day of the Week (Sunday?), and thus insinuating that the Savior was still present in his tomb on the Seventh Day of the Week or Shabbat day, still working to bring to an end his work for the salvation of mankind, when it was mandatory for all holy beings to start resting whenever the Shabbat day begins?

May all Christian clergymen be made to know that Yahushua rose from the dead at exactly the hour of commencement of the Seventh Day of the Week Shabbat and never on some First Day of the Week (Sunday?)!!

If all these galore of errors, misconceptions, deceptions and lies associated with Good Friday and Easter Sunday are seen as truths by Christian clergymen, which they teach with so much passion and zeal to their followers, what other sermons can they preach to their followers that could be deemed as holy and spiritually rewarding or beneficial to them??

In the midst of all of these deceptions, the greatest ambition of Lucifer and his Revi’i Khayyah is to get mankind to sin against the Shabbat commandment, and hence, his scheming in teaching a false First Day of the Week (Sunday?) resurrection so he would cause mankind to shift the worship of Elohiym from the Seventh Day of the Week (Saturday?) to the First Day of the Week (Sunday?); something which he has, sadly, already succeeded in doing!

It seems to me that nothing good comes from the preaching of the religion of Christian clergymen which they term Christianity, if whatever they preach in association with their flagship sermon—the resurrection of the Savior—is all tainted with lies and untruths!

It would seem more beneficial if all Christian clergymen would accept that they have misled their followers for far too long and, therefore, quit the preaching of the Christianity they do to their followers, altogether. For, can the blind lead the blind; would they both not fall into the ditch??

I pray you stay tuned, my dear Christian clergyman, for I have more for you from Elohiym on this non-saving Christianity that you preach in deception to your followers! And if anyone reading this article never got to read my immediate past article of this column, titled, Behold! The Hand of Lucifer that Established Easter Sunday Celebrations Exposed, I’d like to encourage the one to do so while awaiting my next piece. That article can be accessed through the URLs at the bottom of this page. Shalum aleikhem!

PS: Should readers of this and any of my articles have serious questions or suggestions, they may contact me via e-mail by clicking on “Contact” on the Home Page of my website, You may also purchase a copy of my book—Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners' Prayer for Salvation—via the same web address so, together, we walk the narrow way to the presence of Elohiym. Shalum!

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