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21.12.2004 Tabloid News

Desperate for headache tablets, man holds up pharmacy in Sweden

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STOCKHOLM, Dec. 21, (AFP/GNA) - A man brandishing a gun-like object held up a drugstore in the small south-western Swedish town of Bollebygd and made off with his booty: a package of headache tablets, Swedish media reported on Monday.

The man walked into the pharmacy, pulled out an object that resembled a gun and said, "This is a robbery", pharmacy employees told news agency TT.

The bandit then said he needed some Treo comp, a brand of headache and pain relief pills, and was given a small package before making his getaway.

"He wasn't aggressive or anything, apparently it all went very smoothly. According to the pharmacists it's possible that many customers didn't even notice that it was a robbery, but we sent a crisis group to the scene anyway," a spokesman for Apoteket, the state-run chain of pharmacies, told TT.

Police said they had no leads in the case.

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