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19.12.2004 General News

Brain Drain Affects CHRAJ

By JoyOnline
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JoyOnline-- The brain drain issue affecting some sectors of the country has hit the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, (CHRAJ).

The commission has come under some kind of scrutiny recently in respect of its enforcement mandate.

Under the mandate of the Commission, parties whose cases have been ruled on are expected to respond within a period of three months.

Upon failing to do this, CHRAJ has the right to commence enforcement procedures. Indications are that CHRAJ has in the past and continues to find it difficult to enforce any of its rulings.

The latest one to surface is the MP's car loan saga.

Three months has elapsed ever since CHRAJ issued its report on the matter yet nothing has been done to enforce the ruling.

The Acting Commissioner of CHRAJ, Ms. Anna Bossman told Joy News that the Commission has had some difficulties in enforcing its rulings as a result of the exodus of lawyers.

She said the commission was now seeking assistance from external lawyers and that some of the lawyers have agreed to take up the backlog cases that are due for enforcement.

Ms. Bossman said the commission which has been in existence for over a decade have been holding several consultative meetings with civil society organizations to review the Commission's Act.

According to her, next year a proposal will go to parliament for a review of the Commission's mandate amongst other issues.

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