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17.04.2016 Feature Article

Behold! The Hand of Lucifer that Established Easter Sunday Celebrations Exposed!! (Part I)

Behold! The Hand of Lucifer that Established Easter Sunday Celebrations Exposed!! (Part I)
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With memories of this year’s celebration of the annual feast dubbed Easter Sunday by Christians on 27th March still lingering in the minds of many, I consider it appropriate to continue my treatise on the irrelevance of Easter to mankind’s spiritual well-being which I’ve always engaged in doing, seasonally, for some years now and, hence, my writing of this article.

Well, Easter Sunday, as the name suggests, is a feast which must always be celebrated on a Sunday, and this Sunday must always fall between March and April of every year! The feast of Easter Sunday is considered to be in commemoration of the resurrection of the Savior of mankind—Yahushua is his true name, and not the rather popular man-made name, JESUS CHRIST, of Greek roots—after he’d been dead and buried in a tomb for a consecutive “three days and three nights” outside the walls of YahuSalem in Yisroel, ca. 30 CE (Common Era)!

Now, since the resurrection of Yahushua, HaBen HaElohiym (the Son of Elohiym), is an undeniable, unforgettable, and the most stunning event to ever occur on Earth, one would have thought that any commemoration of it would have had to be on the actual date in history that this spectacular event happened and was recorded for posterity!!

And, of course, if this commemoration were to be fixed to the historically known date on which the resurrection of Yahushua indeed occurred, then, naturally, the day of this commemoration would vary, annually, according to the days in the week, instead of being stuck forever to Sunday!

Because the celebration of the Easter Sunday feast does not have a particular fixed date for its observance, but only a chosen day (which mankind determines must always be Sunday), and must fall within the period from the beginning of March to the end of April, one wonders what its relevance as a remembrance to Yahushua’s resurrection is to its celebrants!

For, its celebration gives the weird impression of a resurrection that did not happen on a particular known date, but rather any date within a range of dates, and that this commemoration date must always fall on a Sunday at all costs! Isn’t this rather absurd and really weird??

At the end of it all, the actual date in history on which [Christians suppose] the resurrection of Yahushua occurred seems to have gotten lost to almost all mankind and become eternally forgotten, and, therefore, has become irrelevant to all Easter Sunday celebrants ever since this feast came about; for, by their celebration of this feast, any non-specific Sunday is rather chosen and venerated over the actual date on which the resurrection of the Savior indeed occurred!!

But, of course, this reckoning by man of a time for the Easter Sunday feast is even at variance with what normally pertains among mankind on Earth when dates of events such as the resurrection of the Savior, because they are undeniable historical events that happened on particular dates, must have their commemorations fixed in consequence to the date of their first occurrence; and then, as a matter of course, the days on which these commemorations fall, annually, must vary by a natural course between the First to the Seventh Day of the Week (Sunday to Saturday?).

In this light, it makes the wisdom of Christians behind their choices of varying dates for Easter Sunday celebrations questionable, intriguing, and even ridiculous, since the historically known or actual date of the Savior’s resurrection becomes of no importance or value to them, but rather some Sunday which is not even any particular or specific one but any Sunday at all that falls within the first day of March to the thirtieth day of April—the time frame within which Easter Sunday must always be celebrated!

A couple of weeks ago, and not long after the 2016 celebration of Easter Sunday, I was led by Ruwakh HaQuodesh (Holy Spirit??) to teach in an article of four parts published in this same column and titled, Untruths, Deceptions, and Make-beliefs of Easter Sunday Exposed Today!, in which it was revealed to readers that no spiritual benefits, at all, ever accrued to any people in the past nor will ever accrue to any celebrants of the Easter Sunday feast now or tomorrow.

That article was to aid or provoke celebrants of the feast in their reflections over their faith and involvement in a just-passed Easter Sunday feast as they also chewed on many grave issues I raised in it!! My dear reader, if you did not read that article, I will humbly entreat you to access all its four parts which are displayed at the bottom of the page of this article and to studiously read all of them for a spiritually uplifting experience!

An obvious statement of fact which was made in that article that may be worthy of highlighting here too is that anything that any man takes an initiative to do, supposing it would honor Elohiym, without that man being chosen, mandated, instructed, empowered or directed by Elohiym to do on His behalf, never earns him any spiritual blessings, but rather the anger and wrath of Elohiym! Sadly, Easter Sunday is just one of such works of mankind executed without the inspiration of Elohiym which, therefore, draws His wrath against its celebrants!

Everything about the Easter Sunday feast is mankind’s idea. Mankind, in thinking to honor the Savior in his resurrection from the dead, at a time long after this resurrection had happened, set up the feast of Easter Sunday.

Interestingly, the establishment of the feast was done by people who lived far away in time and locations from when and where the resurrection of Yahushua actually happened and were, thus, completely alienated from the ancestry and culture of the people of Yahushua as to appreciate the relevance of his resurrection from the dead—the first and only one ever known on Earth—to the spiritual wellbeing of all mankind in general, and to the children of Yisroel in particular!!

The resurrection of Yahushua is supposedly being celebrated as Easter Sunday by Goyim (Gentiles) who call themselves Christians, and are far removed from the knowledge of the meaning, significance, religious or cultural value of this resurrection to the children of Yisroel for whom Yahushua primarily died to save them from sin, and in whose homeland this resurrection took place!

Fact is, Easter Sunday celebrations first became institutionalized in the Fourth Century of Common Era (CE)—outside of YahuSalem where the salvation of Elohiym is foretold must forever emanate from and abide eternally—long after the demise in ca. 100 CE of the last shliakh (apostle?) of the Savior by name YahuKhanan Ben Zavdai on the Isle of Patmos; the last of the men who walked, talked, ate, and slept with the Savior during his days on Earth.

So then, even the followers of the Savior knew nothing about Easter Sunday before their demise; meaning, they neither ever celebrated Easter Sunday, nor were they ever instructed by their Master to even celebrate the date of his resurrection in memory of him, nor did they teach anyone to celebrate Easter Sunday after them!!

Rather, the Savior instructed that his death be celebrated annually in his memory by all his followers until the day of his promised second coming to Earth. The celebration of his death was to have all the relevance and meaning of Khag Pesach (the Feast of Passover??) that the children of Yisroel were mandated by Elohiym to always celebrate annually, beginning from their first ever observance of it on their last night in Mitzrayim where they lived in bondage for 215 years.

Part II
This celebration of Khag Pesach, the children of Yisroel had done faithfully and consistently according to its set times, seasons, and manner as instructed by Elohiym, for as many as about 1500 years before the birth of Yahushua in ca. 4 BCE (Before Common Era)!

During all these years, Elohiym mandated that the celebration of Khag Pesach be done by the children of Yisroel on 14th Abib (the first month of Ivri [Hebrew] calendar), always in the night that commences this day according to how Elohiym reckons for His day to start and end, centered on an evening meal of grilled lamb meat, bread and bitter herbs, and in their private homes; but never as a mass gathering in a Shul (synagogue?) or in the Beit HaMikdash (Temple?), their most sacred public meeting place in all of Yisroel.

Of course, 14th Abib is a fixed date but must have a variable day, year by year; a day that could fall on any one day of the seven-day week.

All these details associated with the feast were clearly spelled out to all of its celebrants and were always complied with by all. No one did what he deemed right in his own or someone else’s eyes, supposing that it would be acceptable to Elohiym!!

Following this example of Elohiym, who, when He mandates a date on which any of His feasts must be celebrated, would also, by a natural course, make the days of its celebration to vary according to the days of the week, every year, so also has mankind always done by imitating Him so that all his birthdates (never say birthdays), for example, are only recognized for celebration on their due dates after their first occurrences and never on the days they first occurred!!

So then, how come that in the instance of celebrating the resurrection of Yahushua, neither a consideration nor even a casual reference is made to the actual date of this resurrection—even though it is known since it was borne out of a recurrence of particular historical events in Yisroel that were ordained by Elohiym to prelude it—is considered to be of any importance to the framers of the Easter Sunday feast, but rather some vague Sunday found within a two month time-frame is what is considered of importance for this commemoration??

If the manner of working out the times and schedules for the Easter Sunday feast is contrary to the ways of Elohiym, and also what would normally be done by man, then who was the culprit behind this faking of the resurrection of Yahushua as a Sunday occurrence?

It can only be one known being—one who is known to be determined to always go by deviant ways that are contrary to the Will of Elohiym and even against common human sense! And yet, this deviant has succeeded in tricking mankind into going along with him?? Oh! Cry, My Beloved Earth!

This faking of a Sunday resurrection is the handiwork of Lucifer, represented by one Revi’i Khayyah (Fourth Beast) whose coming had been mentioned in the nevuah (prophecy?) by Dani’El and so, any celebration of Easter Sunday must be to the personal pleasure of Lucifer—the God and ruler of this Earth!!

For, this beast has sworn to undo all that Elohiym has done by way of instructions He has commanded mankind to obey; and those things mankind is commanded never to do! The Word of Elohiym reveals the evil resolve of this beast thus: “and to think to change times and laws” set by the Most High One—cf. Dani’El (Daniel) 7:25. And so, this determination to undo what Elohiym has done in the lives of mankind is all what this beast is involved in doing by all his activities on Earth; one of these is typified by his faking the resurrection of Yahushua to have occurred on Sunday!

One may ask: What has Lucifer, working in and through Revi’i Khayyah, been able to achieve so far?? Much and everything that he sets his mind to do against the Will and Ways of Elohiym!! His first mischief was to distort the perfect creation account of Elohiym by first retelling it to mankind in his own way so as to confuse mankind into thinking differently, with regards to what constitutes a complete day according to the reckonings of the Creator.

While the Creator reveals in Beresheet (Genesis?) that every day He has created starts from an evening and runs through night and then daylight to another evening, this beast, for and on behalf of Lucifer, has taught mankind to believe in a midnight to midnight time frame for every day, and thus, has been able to perpetually keep mankind ignorant of how Elohiym has made His days to span!

Also, the specific names of the days in a seven-day week given by the Creator to be universally known, accepted, and followed by all, which are, Yom Echad (Day One [D1] or First Day), Yom Sheini (D2), Yom Shilishi (D3), Yom Revi’i (D4), Yom Khamishi (D5), Yom Shishi (D6) and Yom HaShevi’i (the Seventh Day, the Shabbat), have been changed by Lucifer through Revi’i Khayyah to, for English speakers for example, Sunday (Sun Day?), Monday (Moon Day?), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Thor’s Day), Friday, and Saturday (Saturn or Satan Day?), respectively! Strangely, the same distortion of these proper nouns (names of days) established in Ivrit (Hebrew?) by Elohiym is done for other languages all over Earth by translating them!!

Again, by the working of Revi’i Khayyah (the Fourth Beast), many today have come to suppose that the first day of the week is no longer Yom Echad (Sunday?) but is now Yom Sheini (Monday?), because they have been tricked by this beast to think so by his queer calendar!

Furthermore, the Creator’s 12-month Annual Calendar of an alternating 30-day and 29-day monthly cycle established for mankind, starting with the month of Abib/Nisan of 30 days as the first month of this calendar to the last month of Adar of 29 days, has been remade with the evil-laden mind of Revi’i Kyayyah into one with months ranging from 31 to 28 days and of no particular pattern or order; and one that is even of a weird and different configuration altogether in every leap year.

The fact that the Earth is ruled by this calendar of Revi’i Khayyah, with that of the Creator thrown overboard, is not only saddening but also sickening! This calendar of Revi’i Khayyah is known as the Gregorian calendar and has other affiliates, all of which deviate entirely from the simple and easy-to-keep Calendar of the Creator.

The Gregorian calendar and its counterparts are just too complex and strange, and so, manifest in them, all the evil intent of Revi’i Khayyah (the Fourth Beast) in seeking to confuse and deceive mankind away from living according to the seasons, set times and ways of Elohiym.

Yet again, the fourth beast has succeeded in causing mankind to completely forget about all the feasts Elohiym has established by His authority and given to mankind with His instructions to celebrate in their due seasons, times and in their right manner.

Today, names of feasts or holydays of Elohiym in His Ivrit Word in Vayikra (Leviticus?) 23—Khag Pesach, Khag HaMatzot, Khag HaSukkot, etc—are totally unheard of by even serious-minded salvation seekers. Rather, such man-made feasts as Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, All Saints Day, etc which are neither known to nor approved by Elohiym are rather what mankind is made to celebrate with relish. No wonder such man-made feasts cannot even be considered Holydays, but are merely referred to as Holidays!!

How sad that mankind seems compelled to celebrate these man-made feasts because a spell seems to have been caste on him by the ruler and God of this Earth—Lucifer—acting in and through a human authority and power known in the spirit realm as Revi’i Chayyah (the Fourth Beast)!

Part III
As said earlier on in this treatise, the whole purpose of Revi’i Khayyah is to confuse and deceive mankind in all what Elohiym intends him to do for his (mankind) own good. And so, for those very simple-minded salvation seekers who would not constantly ask themselves the question: “What did Elohiym really say that I do?”, they are very easily misled away from the truth and right way to the salvation of Elohiym into doing ridiculously weird things like celebrating Easter Sunday in great and misguided zeal!! Oh, the killer effect of zeal that is not driven by revelation knowledge!

Did Elohiym ever say we could celebrate “Christmas” as the birthday of His son? No, and never! And so, clearly, all Christmas celebrants are punishable with the denial of Khayyei Olam (eternal life?) simply because Christmas celebrants incur the wrath of Elohiym.

Where in the Ivrit Word of Elohiym do you read of one celebration of a birth-date (birthday?) by one single individual in any holy household of Elohiym in all His dealings for centuries with Yisroel?

Of course, we read of the weird, drunken and sensual birthday party indulged in by pagan Goyim such as one that was thrown by Herod at which the head of a holy navi (prophet?) of Elohiym was cut and offered as a trophy in appreciation of the good dancing prowess of his step daughter!!

Did Elohiym ever say the name of His son is JESUS CHRIST; an unholy Goyim name of offence?? No, and never; for, how would Elohiym ever utter from His Holy Mouth the impure and unholy words of the Goyim?

I must say that it is some translators of the Ivrit Word of Elohiym who were misled by Lucifer, acting through Revi’i Khayyah, who brought about the fake name JESUS CHRIST, so that all who confess and profess it for salvation will suffer loss on Judgment Day!

The Easter Sunday feast displays such a myriad of evil beliefs that it would be a sin on anybody’s part to attribute its celebration to Elohiym—the only Being from whom all Wisdom emanates!

For how would Elohiym cook up or fake the resurrection of Yahushua to have happened between Friday evening burial and the Sunday dawn following this burial as is generally believed by mankind, when He had uttered His Word and must stand by it to make it come true—that in “three days and three nights” would He raise up His beloved son from the dead—or else be deemed powerless or lacking integrity in His Words and risk becoming a laughing stock by Lucifer and fickle-minded mankind!!

All the faking in a Sunday resurrection was masterminded by Lucifer so that mankind would ultimately break the commandments of Elohiym. However, his most targeted command was the fourth of Aseres HaDevarim (the Ten Commandments) of Elohiym. This is the Shabbat commandment, which, incidentally, is the easiest to obey—and one that anyone would have thought mankind would happily and graciously obey since it affords him rest from all manual and menial works, while Elohiym remains committed to meeting his needs in full!

Sadly, the breaking of the fourth commandment cuts off mankind completely from any relationship with Elohiym, for, the fourth commandment which compels man to observe the Shabbat rest is the sign (seal) of the now eternally reigning covenant between any holy mankind and Elohiym—cf. Shemot (Exodus) 13:9, 31:13, 17; in much the same way that the rainbow was the sign (seal) in the covenant Elohiym cut with Noach after the deluge; and also in much the same way that circumcision of males was the sign (seal) of the covenant Elohiym cut with Avraham!!

It seems to me that the whole purpose of Lucifer in deceiving mankind to disobey his Maker’s laws and commandments through his faking of the Savior’s resurrection by claiming it to have happened on Sunday—when he knew this resurrection actually happened at the start of the Seventh Day of the Week (Shabbat day)—has become just too plain, when the dates (days) of this year’s Easter Sunday and Khag Pesach celebrations are drawn into focus and are, thus, seen to be a good four weeks apart!!

As is known to readers who are familiar with my articles critiquing the Easter Sunday feast of Christians, Khag Pesach is a holy feast of the children of Yisroel that has always been taught alongside the true resurrection of Yahushua and Lucifer’s faked feast of Easter Sunday.

This is because, ever since the first observance of Khag Pesach on the last night the children of Yisroel spent in Mitzrayim, its subsequent commemorations had for a period of over 1500 years always been a shadow (virtual image) or mock rehearsal, spiritually, toward the ultimate enactment of this rehearsal in and by the death of Yahushua as the Pesach Seh of the last year of his life on Earth.

This, the children of Yisroel patiently and faithfully did while waiting for the reality of this shadow to come about or culminate in the death of Yahushua before their eyes!! So then, everything about Khag Pesach is also all about the sacrificial death of Yahushua—HaSeh HaElohiym (the Lamb of Elohim)!

We must, therefore, keep in remembrance that three days after the commencement of Khag Pesach celebrations in the year that Yahushua was sacrificed is when his resurrection happened in fulfillment of “The sign of HaNavi Yonah”—cf. MattitYahu 12:40!

And so, to have Christians celebrate a so-called resurrection of Yahushua on 03/27/2016 while we have to wait for the children of Yisroel, who are the faithful custodians of Khag Pesach, to celebrate the killing of the Pesach Seh on their scheduled soon-coming date of 04/22/2016—three clear weeks after the Good Friday of 03/25/2016 that Christians claim to be the commemorative date, for the year 2016, of the 30 CE anniversary that the Savior was sacrificed—is simply ridiculous and shows the glaring error and display of ignorance by Christians in their calculations for and celebrations of an Easter Sunday that is clearly bereft of the wisdom of Elohiym!!

But, of course, in no year has there ever been agreement between the dates of Khag Pesach and the so-called Good Friday of Easter Sunday revelers! The 2016 disagreement in dates between Khag Pesach and Good Friday is cited here because it is unfolding right before the eyes of readers who might want to check out on it!!

What further evidence is needed to prove the Easter Sunday feast as a work of Lucifer and his chief assign, Revi’i Khayyah (the Fourth Beast), with this glaring disparity in times of celebration in the year 2016 between a so-called Good Friday and hence Easter Sunday, and Khag Pesach, two feasts that are believed to centre on one issue—the death and resurrection of the Savior of the Earth; Yahushua HaBen HaEloyim (Yahushua the Son of Elohiym) and the one and only HaSeh HaElohiym.

As a shofar (ram-horn trumpet) blower of Elohiym, I am by this article dutifully warning mankind according to His Word in YechezkEl (Ezekiel?) 33:6-7; and this, I do in love for my readers. Will this generation heed the Word of Elohiym?

Dear reader, my prayer is that your spiritual eyes become opened to the truth so you may be delivered from the deception of Easter Sunday celebrations that are taught and led to be acted on by an ignorant Christian clergy. Please, break away from them in their celebration of Easter Sunday because it is a celebration of falsehood and deception masterminded by Lucifer acting through the now reigning Revi’i Khayyah of the Earth. Shalom aleikhem.

PS: Should readers of this and any of my articles have serious questions or suggestions, they may contact me via e-mail by clicking on “Contact” on the Home Page of my website, You may also purchase a copy of my book—Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners' Prayer for Salvation—via the same web address so, together, we walk the narrow way to the presence of Elohiym. Shalom aleikhem.

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