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01.04.2016 Feature Article

Marriage by Manipulation of the Womb (For the Young Men)

Marriage by Manipulation of the Womb (For the Young Men)
LISTEN APR 1, 2016

Are you getting married? If so, then you should seriously consider that marriage is serious business. My people, too many young men are ill-prepared for marriage due to the absence of wise and caring fathers who genuinely love their sons.

How I go talk am? Ebe like say the women dey manufacture nyonugbomes make dem dey see money from children who are after their hearts. However, in the end many of such mothers never realise that they in essence destroyed the well-being of their sons. Now let us talk candidly. Do you have a father? I mean really? Are you a man who has been trained to do righteousness? Now let us talk about marriage and then marriage by manipulation of the womb. As well, I have a short Evhe lesson for today.

Marriage…what is it? According to the Word of God, marriage is likened to the relationship that Yeshua ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) has with his church. In other words, Yeshua died for his bride to be righteous and holy. How about you? Is your wife holy? Is she even a righteous woman?

This is what you need to know: a woman is not necessarily a wife unless of course, she has undergone the spiritual transformation from woman to wife. Marriage is therefore all about ensuring that people give up their will to God in order for them to receive the blessing and everything that comes with it. I mean, really, we do use terms like “holy matrimony” for a reason. Holy simply means that the marriage was intended to be set apart for a higher purpose where God does His will in the lives of husband and wife.

The Womb and its Purpose What is the womb? In fact, the womb of a woman is a place where conception of a child begins. Without seed, there is no possibility for a woman to suddenly give birth to a child unless you happen to be somebody who is favoured like the virgin Myriam (Mary). A womb is not a play thing. It is intended to be used in righteousness. Unfortunately, so many women use their wombs as an instrument of manipulation in order to secure a husband that does their will and not God’s.

Are you a woman? Then please consider that there is a need to keep your womb in a way where you do not ever have to use it as a means to get money or to eat bread. I have some counsel for you if you will take it. It is written, “And the man [Adam] said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man” (Bereshit/Genesis 2:23).

The word woman is from the Hebrew term ishshah. There are different translations of the Hebrew word ishshah, however the one that really hits home and conveys real meaning is the reference to a “man with a womb.” This is to say that a woman is a “wombed-man”.

A wombed-man is definitely someone who has a purpose in the will of God. Of course, birthing children is just one among many of such purposes. Now let us consider some things about God’s design of women. Here we go.

  1. She was designed to serve.
  2. She was originally given to a man as a gift from God.
  3. She has a womb.
  4. She has a unique character.
  5. Her spirit contains different “programming” than the male.
  6. Her breasts nurture children unlike the male.

Is there any one of you who thinks that I have written anything that is in error or ill-conceived? If so, please feel free to write me. Thank you.

Man and his purpose Every male is the progenitor of a potentially blessed family unit. The male needs God in order to ensure that things remain this way. Without the blessing, God will never permit a man to be married. This is the reason why there are so many marriages that end up in divorce; it is a case of couples marrying outside of the will of God. When you see this continuously happening in a generation, it simply means that you are dealing with a cycle of generational curses. These curses are rooted in the fact that people do not bless God with their lives and are therefore self-willed and heathen in orientation.

A human being is intended to be a blessing to his or her family as well as the rest of humanity. This is why we as Christians often say things like “God bless you” and the like. If you are really a Christian, you will comprehend that the blessing is very much available to those who ask God to show them how to live according to His will.

If you are a man and you know that marriage is something that you would like to engage in, then it is time to make the Word of God your focus. As well, it is time to also ensure that Yeshua is your “Lord”. How do you do this? It is done by making sure that you repent of your sins and that you change your mind about doing whatever you want in life without regard for Yeshua’s commands about living. Today, be wise about life. You have only one and it is very short. After this, you have to deal with eternity. And that is forever and ever!

Now for the Evhe Lesson of the week. Today, our lesson will focus on culture and terminology. I have a few terms that seek to describe what Evhes generally think about not being manly or womanly. Here they are.

  1. yakamɛ meaning a useless person or a “good-for-nothing”
  2. nyɔnugbɔmɛ meaning “moulded like a woman” or unmanly
  3. atsadzobɛ meaning someone who wants to please everybody (i.e. a fake person)
  4. avɔ meaning a female yakamɛ or “disorderly” woman
  5. amɛ meaning person (i.e. a man or a woman)
  6. bomɛtsila meaning a foolish, stupid, or uneducated person
  7. amɛ kutsu meaning an insane person or dead-headed
  8. amɛ baɖa meaning a bad person or a “seducer”
  9. dzimakpla meaning “born but not raised” or a child not instilled with discipline
  10. gbolonɔ meaning a whore or sex-worker
  11. xɔsɛtɔ meaning a believer (i.e. usually in the gospel)
  12. Mawuvi meaning “child of God”

In case you would like to acquire skills in the Evhe language please contact me at [email protected].

Mawuetornam Dugbazah
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