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The NPP Has No Message For Ghanaians

The NPP Has No Message For Ghanaians
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The deriving motive behind the numerous mischievous posits of the NPP is absolutely shear jealousy and covetousness. You don't use speculations as facts in any intellectual discourse and speculations must not always be unbalanced( I wish they understand).

I hear the NPP through Nana Akomea mischievously mentioned that the government through the ministry of Attorney General presented a weak case in the appeal case against Woyome.

The fact is that, an appeal case in the appeal court certainly depend on the case presented to the high court(or the lower judicature) where evidence cannot be altered.

In any case, is this the first time the state has loss a case? The state loss so many cases in the NPP regime and any other government in Ghana even in military regimes. Stephen Amoah Boateng case was acquitted because of the state lackadaisical attitude in the pursuit of the case.

What at all is the NPP after? They appear to paint the picture as if the Woyome case has been thrown aside when in fact, only the criminal case against him has been flawed in court. The prosecution of the civil case remains unabated till Alfred Woyome refund the money. So far as we have decided to practice democracy, we must believe in its fair practices and under no event should the Executive arm of government interfere in the work of the Judiciary.

Our democracy can only perish if we continue to wash down the confidence we have in some very important and sensitive state institutions.

The NDC as a social democrat upon whose efforts we have a well established democracy shall continue to respect state institutions and no amount of political desperation can change this enviable status quo.

the NPP is becoming too good at making empty noise. If that is a political strategy, then it is simply out of place.

Am very surprised at this time of the year, the NPP still do not have any useful message than their usual incessant attacks on institutions and individuals.

If I were the NPP, I would be devising very realistic and pragmatic alternatives to our numerous socio-economic impediments as a nation.

Certainly, the admiration of the government continue to swell on daily bases both nationally and internationally because of the craftsmanship and ingenuity of His Excellency Dr. John Dramani Mahama.

Of course, let me use this opportunity to congratulate him for being honoured a Doctorate degree in Laws. I believe this honour is a vindication of my long standing position that, the president has been demonstrating enviable intellectual sagacity.

I believe the NPP will soon have an issue over it too. The wanton, palpable lies being peddled by the NPP have often since the beginning of the year, been greeted with laughter and mockery because most the lies cannot just stand. Dr. Bawumia who is the lead counsel of the propaganda team is being stripped naked just by a single response from the number one gentleman on the issue of our national dept since independence. You cannot hide on economic textbooks to shamelessly deceive the good people of Ghana. It is extremely ridiculous where people with academic laurels become political comedians over very pertinent economic issues. Perhaps I should believe that indeed, politics is a dirty game(arguable)

I am personally optimistic that my constituency( DBI) will vote massively for his Excellency Dr. John Dramani Mahama and Dr. Sebastian Saadaare, the parliamentary candidate of the constituency.

If for nothing at all, my mother at Fian will remember the electricity she is enjoying, the better education her son is having, the LEAP program she enjoys, the so much talked about Wa- Tuma road which is being tarred. Work is progressing steadily.

Clearly, if they would be any keen competition in the impending elections, it would have shown signs by now. There are no competing ideas coming from the opposition to suggest that change of government is needed. We cannot gamble with the future of our nation after having made strives in almost every sector of our economy.

I was amazed after a redio discussion, a friend from the NPP fraternity confessed to me that indeed the NPP cannot capture political power this year because of the massive infrastructure springing up in every corner of the country.

He added " we are only doing politics". If the members of the NPP can bear testimony to the unprecedented development, then I don't know why Bawumia continually cajole himself. I feel pity for him though.

We cannot help them at this moment but they should not infest us with their jaundiced analysis of issues. Extreme political desperation can lead one into political madness. I see it coming.

Ghanaians cannot trust the NPP neither can it try any error.

It is a done deal for the NDC come November. The truth is one.

Shall return........
Denis Andaban.
[email protected]

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