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18.03.2016 Feature Article

Say It!...Do It!

Say It!...Do It!
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Being rich of money: a privilege of a blessed few?

1981, Heidi Juergensen, my one year senior sister:” You are at Hamburg University wanting to become a Professor of Political Sciences. Now everyone in Germany wants to open a Sun-Studio or Boutique. I have no idea how to do that, can you help?”

6 months passed, she said:” I like your concept, the name, structure and marketing. My children will be taken care off while after work in the evening I will go to a special free School from Hamburg Government for Adults to learn the next two years everything about entrepreneurship, after which I will open the Boutique.”

She never went and enrolled in the School!
“I have a wonderful idea that will generate Millions of Dollars, if…if only I would have the money, than definitely the Millions will come. Only problem is I do not have the money and do not know anybody that can give me the money!”

Success is not in money, it is in us. Money is not more than the visible expression of inner success to form the outside world (products and services) accordingly to someone’s own inspiration, drive and determination being prepared to fight the never ending odds and enemies that come along the way.

Ideas develop and mature in the spirit even in people not born as businessmen but pushed by life and destiny into this role coming out of a long inner process as very successful and responsible Entrepreneur knowing money is not everything only needed to create desires and dreams while solving problems.

Somebody starting companies with the only aim to become rich and be glorified by others will subsequently fail over time and crash, as a success story needs a solid foundation that only can be found inside the spirit of a man living in all cells of his body and manifest itself by his outside composure and performance in decision making processes and interaction with people.

A person that makes him rich inside and talks and acts wisely will function like a magnet for rich people to be drawn to and for GOD to push the right partners into his life.

Becoming rich is a mindset and works by laws as many have experienced in the past, present and will do so in the future. These principles never change, they must be studied, understood and implemented in daily life. Imagine your dream, think about your dream, learn to improve your dream always and … hold your thoughts, let time work for you, be patient as long lasting success never comes with thunderstorms, but as a silent helper into your life (Psalm 37). People saying many words have less capacity to think as words leave their bodies being lost for the inner dialogue needed to find solutions. Saying it, is a declaration; doing it makes declarations a practical, visible and functional reality.

Once on the road of creating company after company, being addicted to the successful outcome of the inner world within him, the Entrepreneur is in great need to find performance driven people around him. Like a snow ball running downhill the success story cannot be stopped. When the momentum of the downhill ride is consistently maintained the snow ball will reach indestructible dimensions too big to fail (Standard Oil, Microsoft, Onassis, Warren Buffet, Coca Cola etc.).

A rich man/woman has always to be mindful about having someone controlling him (wife, Mentor, Coach, Manager or better a Man of GOD like Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Glorious Wave Church Int.) to give him direction and ensuring money and fame does still make him humble and not going over the top to lose his wealth and fame in the end to the natural human desire to be the “One and Only” but a servant to his journey having embarked on for the benefit of others., Europe’s biggest website for mainly used cars, was founded in Hamburg/Germany. The Founder worked for a Printing House. The owner did not wanted to support the idea of his worker. He felt so strongly about it, left the Printing house and started, with no money but a dream and ambition to make it happen, what was living inside him. 8 years passed, he sold the company to eBay for Euros 100 Mio. and moved to Switzerland.

Companies wanting to grow fast and stand on solid ground have to see their workers as future partners. Employees need to be encouraged to develop - over time - their own business ideas. The Employer knows best which worker is capable to operate successfully his/her own company. Wise Employers make qualified workers their partner in newly established companies for the heart desires of their former workers, guide them with Mentors to establish daughter companies, one after the other, while these daughter companies are mandated to create grand-daughter companies to benefit the Grand-mother company creating a strong, vibrant and solid bond between all Group companies to dominate markets and countries.

Do you want to die and miss your destiny or leave a legacy behind (?)…your life in your hands!

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono Estate, Block D10, Aprt.9, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, [email protected] , 16.03.2016

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