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06.12.2004 Politics

Latest Poll Gives Mills First Round Win

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A latest election research released by Policy Alert Group, a private pollster, says Prof John Evans Atta Mills would gun about 50.2 per cent of the votes to win the 2004 general elections.

The research released just a day to the general elections says the NDC's flag bearer would win in 127 constituencies to secure the castle seat.

Policy Alert Group says the NDC would however not be able to win the same amount of constituencies in the Parliamentary race.

Policy Alert Group was contracted by the NDC to assess the strength of the party in tomorrow's elections.

It is the only poll results that have given Professor Mills an edge over the NPP's candidate and incumbent President, J. A. Kufuor

Earlier survey by the Daily Dispatch Research Team predicted a first round win for President Kufuor with between 53-55 per cent votes.