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01.12.2004 Gossips

THE Expliots of Kufuor

By Lens
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A humble God fearing man they call him. A devout catholic he professes to be. But in reality, President J.A. Kufuor only uses these attributes to deceive the unsuspecting masses while he continues to practise black occultism at the behest of Gen. Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo.

When in 2002, the news broke out that blood sacrifices were made for Mr. Kufuor when he visited the village of Eyadema in Togo, the spin doctors of the government quickly jumped into the fray and loudly denied that such a thing ever happened. Unknown to them, the whole Juju ritual was shown on Togolese national television and carefully recorded to be produced at the opportune moment.

The pictures accompanying this story speak for themselves. President Kufuor is shown pliantly going through the blood Juju rituals while his spiritual mentor, Eyadema looks on approvingly. For many Ghanaians who have always wondered why President Kufuor felt compelled to jet into Togo to celebrate the 34th coup anniversary of Eyadema's bloody military take over, exactly six days after being sworn into office in 2001, the answer is now clear.

A debt had to be paid. Many originally taught it was just a financial and electoral debt, but from the new light being shed, it is evident that the greater debt of burden was occult in nature.

The Lens can authoritatively report that in the evening of Tuesday 21st September 2004, the Juju Man of Eyadema, a Mallam, came into the country on board Eyadema's Foker 28 plane with flight number reg. 5v TAI. The Mallam was in the company of six persons including one woman. They were picked at the airport in two protocol cars. Reliable information has it the Mallam is still in town and will only go back after the elections.

For many who still cannot believe the extent to which President Kufuor is neck deep involved in blood Juju, the following information will provide further corroboration. It will sound incredible but the information is concrete and authentic. It was a development, which baffled and continues to disturb some of those who were part of the Presidential convoy in the Brong Ahafo region between 13th to 17th September 2004.

The strange and eerie incident, pregnant with deep occult meaning, occurred on 14th September 2004 between Fiapre and Berekum. Kufuor's convoy had halted to allow Mr. Kufuor to come down and sit in another vehicle in the fleet. This was not altogether unusual according to a source close to the team at the time. The convoy then set off again. Suddenly as the convoy came near a cemetery along the way, the vehicle from which the President alighted, strangely went off the road, straight into the cemetery and climbed onto a gravestone and stopped for a while.

The rest of the convoy waited until the vehicle came out and rejoined the fleet. As if this were not weird enough, not long after that, a few minutes before Berekum, the convoy halted again and once more President Kufuor alighted from the second vehicle to re-enter the original vehicle that had gone into the cemetery.

Intriguingly, lots of blood was spilled by the presidential convoy between that 14th November to 17th November when the trip was over. At least six individuals were killed in accidents involving the convoy and several others were taken to hospital as a result of injuries they sustained.

The Lens is still investigating leads that point to serious links between the afore-mentioned blood Juju practices of the President and the many incidents involving blood spilling since 2001, notably the stadium disaster, mysterious road accidents and frequent presidential convoy accidents leading to many deaths.

Keep reading the Lens- more startling revelations are on the way.

By the way, the next time you hear those misguided kids singing Kufuor's eulogies in NPP's front line radio commercial, calling him a humble God fearing man with a vision, just say, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Kids are so innocent- if only they knew!"

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