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29.11.2004 General News

Victor Smith respone to Graphic

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DAILY GRAPHIC 'S PROPAGANDA FOR KUFUOR The Daily Graphic's editorial team should have restrained the sycophantic Editor Boadu Ayeboafo, from using the front page of the National Newspaper of November 29, 2004, to do propaganda for President Kufuor. The same editor has allowed the National Newspaper to prepare a dummy publication of the outcome of the yet to happen December 7 elections declaring President Kufuor as the victor, with world leaders greeting Kufuor. What a shame to all those who are helping the editor to do this to the people of Ghana.

An orchestrated effort by President Kufuor's campaign team supported by certain Newspaper editors, specifically that of Daily Graphic, Statesman and Daily Guide and acting surreptitiously through the disgruntled editor of the National Democrat, has failed to convince the good people of Ghana, that stories carried by the National Democrat Newspaper alleging that a crony of Mr. Kufuor's, Nana Wiafe Ababio, had a hand in the murder of several women between 1999 and 2000, were not true.

Isn't it amazing that Mr. Kufuor's team have not even bothered to deny Mr. Kufuor's knowledge of any of the stories that had been published? Instead they have managed to recruit a disgruntled staff of the National Democrat to release a statement prepared for him by Kefir's men to attempt to discredit me and by extension the office of His Excellency, the Former President.

What has amazed many Ghanaians is the fact that Mr. Kufuor, his government and their cronies in the media houses have ignored the substantive issue being addressed by the National Democrat, particularly where an individual has been identified as one who had a hand in the dastardly acts that occurred in the run up to the 2000 elections. The Police have also, without shame, ignored the need to even invite the person so identified.

A cursory look at the statement purported to have been written by the editor Ebenezer Josiah, shows clearly that Kufuor's team had sought to seize this desperate opportunity to do face-saving propaganda for Mr. Kufuor. It is so obvious now that things are not going well for the Kufuor campaign effort and the last thing they would want is for any damaging truth to be unearthed about the past. The "rescue Kufour" team had obviously met over the week-end and managed to, as it were, coerce the poor editor to support their cause. This type of coercion has happened before, not too long ago, to one Alhaji Abu Danaa, who had broken ranks, and out of frustration voiced out some naked truths about the National Security Coordinator, Francis Poku. Abu Danaa was coerced to publicly eat back his words and to grovel to the powers that be.

When will the truth be told to the good people of Ghana by this government and its cronies in the matter of the serial killings of women and the gruesome and brutal murder of the King of Dagbon ? The Almighty God will surely listen the prayers of the good people of Ghana come December 7, 2004.




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