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26.11.2004 Gossips

Why Kufuor Got us To Kill the Women

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NATIONAL DEMOCRAT -- One of the men who took part in the serial killing of Ghanaian women between 1999-2001 says the main reason why Kufuor resorted to the killings was because by 2000, he had become very desperate for power.

"After his failed attempt in 1992 and 1996 to be President of Ghana, he knew 2000 was his last chance and he believed that it was Ghanaian women who were mostly voting for the NDC. So, he saw the killing of women and blaming it on the NDC as a way to turn women against the then ruling party. He succeeded in doing that eventually as many women voted against the party," the man said.

Yesterday's Democrat, came out with the confession of one of the members of the serial killing gang who is hiding in Europe.

The man revealed that the killings were carried out on the orders of Kufuor for the reasons stated above. He was assisted by one of the men who eventually became one of his key Ministers of State. The man who led the operation itself is one Wiafe Ababio.

The serial killing gang member said another member, who is also hiding in Europe is also ready to expose Kufuor but like him, he is scared of his life.

Yesterday, in a telephone conversation with the gang member, he said Kufuor's main source of juju are two Malian Mallams as well as a shrine in a village near Koforidua.

He said, those who see Kufuor as a gentle giant don't know him well. "I am sure when they call him gentle giant, he secretly laughs at them", he said.

This journalist is on his way back to Europe for a tete a tete with the gang member making these revelations to explore the possibility of he speaking directly to any of the radio stations and the police. Stay tuned.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT ON THE WOMEN SERIAL KILLINGS Why didn't the serial killers change their method of disposing the body when it was obvious that the bodies were being found and the public was being thrown into a state of panic?

If the women were being raped as the condoms deposited by the bodies wanted people to believe, why wasn't the trace of sperms found in any of them? Is it not true that a search of the bodies indicated that there was a tiny needle mark on each of them?

Have all the bodies of the women been identified and collected by their relatives? If no, why?

Odoi Sykes, the then national chairman of the NPP, said at Mantse Agbona in Accra in 2000 that if the NPP wins the elections, the killing will stop. That could mean only one of the following:

a) The NPP were masterminding the serial killings.

b) The NPP knew who the serial killers were.

Why did the killings stop suddenly when the NPP came to power? How did the NPP govt stop the killings? If Charles Quansah killed 8 of the women for which he has been jailed, who killed the rest of the women? Why has the NPP govt stopped looking for the killers?

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