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08.02.2016 Feature Article

Taking Stock As A Church To Find Your Name In The Book Of God Series

Taking Stock As A Church To Find Your Name In The Book Of God Series
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The following are the names and characters of the mess that will have happened to the Church “The Body of Christ” which was shown (Rev. 1: 9-20) to John on the Island of Padmos (Rev.1.1-8) “IN SPIRIT”. Concerning the true situation the churches will be (Rev.2:1-3:22), and to serve as a caution for us to prepare before the things in (Rev.4:1-22:5) takes place. Starting from the Apostles and the early Church fathers, until humanity; interfered with the “Church” from the time of Constantine.

Until then “the Body of Christ” THE CHURCH” had one principle and unity without divisions and any other name other the Church. The reformation and all that came with it until todays mess was mastered by man, thinking as men running the churches with their human understanding. Many, not all paid any heed to the soundings of the Spirit.

However, God permitted these happenings to show that the gates of Hell; shall not prevail against Christ still building His Church through this mess; beloved take heart. Do not be saddened about the sad and unpalatable stories you hear about this time “the churches”. They are “the churches” because by this time the Body of Christ have had the current infiltration as predicted by Jesus in His parable the farmer and the seed.

But like the time of Elijah the Lord still have saints which follow Him in truth and in Spirit. Are you or your Church one of them?

Remember the Church-The Body of Christ like Himself God will not change; but rather the Church through the Spirit will sanctify and transform all they that believed and follow Him in truth and in Spirit. These (Believers) will also live for eternity with God.


As the years goes by (starting from Adam and Eve) and we grow old so does things around us changes. The choices many of us made from our youthful ages to date, have placed us where are at now. There are times and regularly so must we take stock of our lives. Challenge ourselves to see is it all that life has to give me for only this short years less than a hundred and fifty years.

Was the Bible wrong? When it reported that, some men lived as long as up to nearly a thousand years on earth; without all these reported cleverer and super computer ages. Is it God or man who is mocking who?

With many too, the wicked world placed systems of fraud and unfair economic systems which favours only a minority few. Governance has but an unfair system filled and run by tyrants and greedy touts. Greater injustice is the hall mark of this man made and Satan controlled world system. No wonder the animal kingdom best suites this world and its systems. Surely the wise men have been made to indulge in despicable characters, things which we (the civilized world) call them environmental and societal changes or development.

For this reason God took on likeness of fresh and was born to man; and came to live among mankind to save them that will believe in His aim vision. John’s gospel: LOVE YOU ALL TO BE CONTINUED

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