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Feb 4, 2016 | Diaspora (Germany)

Kick Out NDC Incompetence And Thievery

By NPP Germany
Kick Out NDC Incompetence And Thievery

The John Mahama led NDC government should start preparing to hand over power to the NPP after the November 7th elections. Victory for the NPP will lead to the total transformation of Ghana and the suffering people's fortunes can be turned around. I wonder what informed the NDC to use the slogan " Changing Lives and Transforming Ghana " What lives have the NDC changed apart from the few creating , looting, and sharing the national cake.

The John Mahama administration is delivering nothing but poverty to the people of Ghana. We have in Ghana a government whose policy now, only delivers poverty. Where on this planet do you get a government that is waging such war on its own people ? Every policy that President Mahama and the NDC government introduces delivers poverty. The nation is grappling with low standard of living coupled with high cost of living, hence many people cannot make ends meet.

Since 2013 , electricity tariffs have gone up by182.75 ppercent, and water has seen a 144.84 percent jump within the same period. The government is insensitive to the needs of the youth by its withdrawal of nursing and teacher-training allowances. The NDC didn't inherit Dumsor , but for 4yrs. we lost our businesses, others lost their jobs, others have died.

It is a big disservice to Ghanaians that at this particular time when the people are suffering, the government will be increasing utility prices and above all increase petroleum price. Unprecedented unemployment, deteriorating social and educational infrastructure, the decline in the agriculture sector, poor health care delivery, etc. Despite having over spent GHc 8.7 billion deficit in the election year 2012 , Mahama and the NDC government in its desperation to win the 2016

election, is set to defy IMF directives and overspend his way in the coming elections. Some Africa countries have gone better in terms of infrastructure, but you never heard them boasting. But this time around it won't wash.

Last year, the Ministry of Trade and Industry confiscated some pirated textiles from traders in various markets in the country. After being hoarded in Customs Bonded Warehouses , the pirated textiles have been rebranded with " John Mahama for 2016 " pictures. Not forgetting the GHc 3.6 million oil revenue, released for the rebranding of buses with the pictures of John Mahama. If you see the pictures of Mahama on the buses and the textiles, and you are starving, having lost your jobs, you are in darkness, Dumsor destroying your business, your parents can't afford your school fees , you can't pay your water and electricity bills , NHIS can't help you , you are an unemployed graduate , then prepare your thumb against John Mahama and the NDC in the 2016 elections.

The achievements of President Mahama are never comparable to that of President Kuffour.Looking at the number of loans passed by the NDC government and work done by the administration, Ghanaians must know , we are not getting value for money. The incompetent and corrupt Mahama and the NDC government must be voted out in the 2016 election, to bring back the country on the good track President Kuffour started.

The inspiring leader that Ghanaians believe has the courage and vim to drive the nation into a new era where the development in freedom that has been achieved in the first eight years of the NPP will be transformed into prosperity for all. Ghana would have been better off if it was being run under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo with the numerous resources and huge funds available to the present NDC administration. The NPP is ready to lead Ghanaians for the needed change.

Alex Tuffour
Communication Director
NPP Germany.

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