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24.11.2004 CPP News

Why The CPP Is Different From Other Parties

By IC4 Secretariat
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Election 2004 is entering its very last phase and it has become even more to the electorate that they know the differences between the main parties seeking to govern them.

So What makes the CPP different from other political parties?

· Well the CPP believes that improvement in the welfare of Ghanaians should be the yardstick for measuring the success of all governmental activities, and why the CPP chooses human-centred development.

· The CPP is against tribalism and racism of all types and is for merit and performance as the basis for gaining any position of leadership or influence.

· The CPP believes that at this stage of our development, government can and has to play a positive role by guiding the growth of the economy.

· The CPP is for domestic control of the Ghana economy.

· The CPP is part of the Pan African movement and believes that a continental African Government will be better able to find lasting and sustainable solutions to the economic, political and social problems facing Ghanaians and Africans.

What Does The CPP Intend To Do About Ghana's Economy?

· The CPP's first priority is to ensure that all decisions are taken with the sole aim of meeting the aspirations and needs of the Ghanaian people.

· It intends to create favourable conditions that will enable the country produce what it eats and what is needed to provide a sound industrial base for the economy.

· A CPP government will provide the tangible support and direction needed to enable Ghanaian businesses compete well at home and in the global market.

· The CPP intends to fufill the promise of a prosperous Ghana within the context of an African Economic Community.

· The CPP believes that Ghanaians can only be prosperous if they have productive jobs that pay them decent living wages.

What Is The CPP's Policy On Education?

· The CPP believes that it is through high quality education that the ordinary Ghanaian will rise above poverty, ignorance and take charge of his/her own destiny.

· We consider education to be a right for all citizens.

· Free and compulsory education from kindergarten to Senior Secondary School will be implemented by a CPP government.

· Access to good quality education will be made open to all citizens and will not be dependent on financial ability.

Hopefully this educates the electorate on some of the policy directions of the CPP.

Stay tuned for the next release.

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