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31.01.2016 General News

GIJ To Host Media Awards To Encourage Students

GIJ To Host Media Awards To Encourage Students
LISTEN JAN 31, 2016

Ghana Institute of Journalism in collaboration with Loomers Media Production is set to organize their maiden edition of School awards, the GIJ Media Awards show is an initiative of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) in collaboration with Loomers’ Media Productions.

Their objective for this event is to recognize the professional work of GIJ students. But while the show is aimed at celebrating students, we also hope the recognition given to some would inspire others to reach higher heights.

The mission of the awards is to recognize and reward the media talent in students and our vision is to create generations of media excellence.

This production would be held annually, with the maiden event slated for March 2016

As a professional institute, GIJ students are always embarking on truly wonderful projects that have gone unnoticed. One needs to conduct only the simplest of surveys to reveal the immense media talents we can boast of.

You can find within the four walls of the Institute on-campus newspapers, internationally-acclaimed bloggers, respected columnists, authentic critics, lively radio personalities to brilliant photographers whose work needs appreciation, commendation and rewards.

The SRC believes that an awards scheme to exhibit and endorse these talents and their works would be a decisive stepping stone to the realization of their dreams, while ensuring that quality personnel enter the media space each year.

Awards would be given out in the fields of radio, print, photography and online media. All students are entreated to take this opportunity to work on a project and submit as an entry because the rewards would be career-defining.

The awards is open to all students of students of GIJ and interested person can download nomination forms for free when nominations are opened.

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