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25.08.2005 Health

A Spoonful of Raw Palm Oil a Day is a Health Booster

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UNADULTERATED PALM oil ("Ngo") is noted to contain countless therapeutic benefits to the human immune system, when taken every day.

According to a traditional medicine practitioner, Hunua Kpogo Akakpo, a spoonful of raw palm oil a day is enough to enhance the immune system and protect people from the infection of common diseases worldwide.

At a press conference in Accra to highlight the benefits of the product to the immune system, Hunua Akakpo, a qualified pharmacist, noted that palm oil contained all the necessary ingredients required to fight against common diseases that break down the immune systems.

Among the agents that palm oil is rich in are Vitamin E (Tocols) and Vitamin A (Carotenes), both powerful antioxidants, which are exceptionally resistant to high levels of temperatures.

Additionally, Hunua Akakpo said palm oil contained no cholesterol, thereby preventing blood clots in thrombosis, a blood related disease as well as an agent used in treating cancer.

Research indicates that palm oil is currently the second largest edible oil in the world and the largest single oil that is exported.

In 2001, the global palm oil production stood at 23million tones as compared to 3 million of olive oil.

Another major development over the last decade, related to the health aspect that has been ascribed to the consumption of certain saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids.

Furthermore, the expansion of the palm oil research was the attention that scientists and nutritionists have paid to dietary minor components that help to delay the onset of numerous chronic diseases.

Studies showed that palm oil has 15 times more "vitamin A" activity than carrots and 300 times more than tomatoes contain.

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