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22.11.2004 Politics

Djapong Kudjoe Predicts Win In Akan

By Lens
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Lens -- The NDC parliamentary candidate for the Akan constituency, Mr. Djapong Kudjoe, has promised that when voted into office as the parliamentarian for the constituency, his priority would be to use the leverage his position as a parliamentarian would have given him to influence the speedy extension of electricity to communities in his constituency that are yet to be connected to the national gird.

Speaking in an interview with The Lens recently, Mr. Djapong Kudjoe said the delay in extension of electricity to communities like Sabran, Manida, Titiake, Koasuaso, Konkontun, Akan, Ataketi Ketepe, Gyemrone, Kosomba, Klawaso and a few others is reflective of the philosophy behind the NPP's developmental policy. He said while the NDC sees the extension of electricity and potable water to every community as a prerequisite for the enhancement of the living standards of the people, the NPP on the other hand sees these social amenities as luxuries.

"That is how they see it. That is why people like Mr. Kufuor's appointee to the VRA, Dr. Wereko-Brobbey, could tell Ghanaians not to buy even radio sets if they cannot afford electricity bills. That is why Mr. Kufuor's Deputy Minister for Information, Mr. Asamoah Boateng, could tell Ghanaians to go and drink gutter water if they cannot afford to pay water bills," Djapong Kudjoe charged.

He said the NDC sees these amenities as essential for the creation of jobs in the local communities, which would then help to stem the rural-urban migration, enlarge the local economy, and therefore help to improve the living standards of the people, "that way, the people can afford the electricity and water tariffs, especially if they are reasonably priced as they used to be in the NDC era, not the over 200% hike that we have to endure under the NPP," he pointed out.

Asked what his chances are, given that his main competitor is a Minister of State, who used to be an NDC official but who defected to the NPP, this is what Djapong Kudjoe had to say, "Look, I don't care who the NPP fields against me. The important thing is who the people believe is capable of advocating their concerns and better helping in the development of the constituency."

"So far, Rashid Bawah has proven to be a snobbish arrogant MP, who has lost touch with the people. Don't forget that he rode on the back of popular dissent in the NDC to win the seat, and after winning he turned around and slapped them in the face by defecting to the NPP," Djapong Kudjoe stated.

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