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Ghanaians Should Leave Irbard Ibrahim Alone.

Ghanaians Should Leave Irbard Ibrahim Alone.
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Like seriously, the venom of our mediocrity and hypocrisy as Ghanaians is now graduating beyond legendary degrees. I think it is very wrong for anyone to think that whoever says something contrary to your ideology is wrong and therefore should be brought down. I mean I don’t see anything Irbard Ibrahim, the Security expert has done wrong to deserve all this war of downgrading against his reputation. This young man should be left alone; He is a vibrant, intelligent and eloquent young man with vision and foresight whose ideas are priceless to a developing country like Ghana. We should thank God he is located in our part of the world.

The problem about Ghana and for that matter Ghanaians is that, we worship certificate a lot and we always tend to celebrate it over competence and experience. This is why life is a hell for young graduates in the country. Sometimes one will see the minimum years for job qualification even far above your grandfather’s age and that renders you automatically unqualified even if have the competence. This is a conundrum all young graduates must face squarely with all attention it deserves.

Like seriously, any unbiased and truthful person who has watched/witnessed Irbard Ibrahim’s submissions on platforms will have no option but to admire the guy. His level of maturity is far beyond measure and I don’t think his young age should be a barrier for him sharing this brainy-pot of experience with Ghanaians.

Irbard is not my pay master; I don’t even know him personally neither have I had an encounter with him. But, I think the dimension of this war on his image should be a concern to every youth of Ghana. Who knows if it’s going to be your turn tomorrow? I believe people should be judged based on what they are and their capabilities and not on what they are supposed to be.

Sometimes one wonders if some of this our prominent persons have step feet beyond the black star boundaries before! I mean which college did Steve Jobs graduate from before founding Apple? Bill Gates? And even our own Aliko Dangote? What about George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? Zachary Taylor? William Mckinley and the list continues. If you think three years or so in the system is not qualifying enough to be a security expert then what happens to those members of parliament we have in our parliament house who also fall within or even below that category? Or are we underestimating the significance of parliamentary business in the country? A house where the million and billion expenditures are approved? Come on! Let’s responder over this issue.

I cannot conclude without paraphrasing this statement from Abdul Hayi Moomen of Ghana Television. He said that when you put across a post/talk and you realize that while some are accusing you of having affiliation with one political party, others are equally attacking that you are belonging to the other political party; that that is when you get to know that you nailed it on point.

I have been monitoring the guy’s posts on Facebook and that is exactly what’s been happening. Sometimes people accuse him of having affiliation with the NPP and other times another group accuse him of having affiliation with the NDC. This alone exemplifies his neutrality, truthfulness and nation-mindedness. So, Please Ghanaians, LEAVE THE GUY ALONE! This ‘Ogas’ should stop threatening us the youth with their so called years of working experience. Enough of the age discrimination!

By: Alhassan Abdul Razak
University Ibn Tofail
[email protected]

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