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21.01.2016 Opinion

And What was Nana Addo's response?

By Julius W. A. Afedi
And What was Nana Addo's response?
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And what Did Nana Addo said , when he was consulted on the Guantánamo detainees issues ? We want to hear that one too. These ndc talkaTHIEVIES hav not learnt their lessons. Ghanaians are smarter than they think

Nana addo was never consulted and we all know that
How can he be consulted when the alleged Girlfriend of the president, hon. minister of foreign affairs was not even privy to the discussions.?

How can Nana Addo be consulted, is he a member of National Security?

How can Nana Addo be consulted, is he the president of the Republic?

Clearly we can all see that president Mahama is not himself, he has lost touch of everything happening under his nose.

And has device a ploy to drag Nana Addo into his mud of incompetencies, unprecedented corruption and gargantuan lies.

Ghanaians are going to vote on issues not e dey bee k3k3 or kakai.

The current information in town is that, these two Guantánamo detainees can easily make bombs from our own lovely plantain chips and even nkatie borga.

The main issue here is Nana Addo is not part of the mahama led Administration and he can never be part of government business.

Majority of Ghanaians are against government decision to bring in people United State of American has grounded for 14 years for terrorism.

A quote from boss, Casely Hayford "Anybody who ends up in Guantanamo Bay is no mistake not by any stretch of imagination.America's singular role for establishing Guantanamo Bay was to be able to capture such persons and give themselves the liberty and the ability to torture them.When you put someone away for such a period time, the mental state in which you institute in that person's mind, he is either going to come out as a broken person or he is going to come out with such resolution that he will repeat whatever he did forever". Which is perfectly true, judging by what we see in our society especially when criminals end up in the same trade that took them to prison.

It's funny to hear people say Ghana is an ally of the the United States of America. As we all know

"America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests"according to Henry Kissinger.

We have also forgotten that Ghana belongs to The Non-Aligned Movement an organization founded in Belgrade in 1961 which Ghana's first president Kwame Nkrumah signed us.

When people get up they say United States of America will protect us.I just laughed and ask if USA had finished protecting itself. How can USA protect us when in fact they are pushing the Al-Qaeda Foot Soldiers, their nightmare unto us.

Where was USA security when those attacks happen?
Why were they not sent to the members of NATO?
Ghana and USA benefited from each other.USA want our agriculture produce on their market early so they gave us the Bush highway.

Some get up and say you cannot call them terrorist, simply because no competent court has charged them, but my questions are. Is Osama bin Laden a terrorist? If your answer is yes, then please which court had charged him as such.

We are starting to hear leaks about the US President Barack Obama's latest effort to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In Washington-speak, that means the new plan should be released soon.

Obama signed an executive order to close the prison in his first days in office. He did not make a big push in those first two years when his party controlled both chambers of the US Congress. Then after Republicans took control, they started passing legislation banning the president from spending money to move detainees. So now, the president is going to try again to convince Congress it needs to close. The move is part of US President Barack Obama's drive to close the detention center by the end of his term in office.

In a country where security officers run away at a mere sound of knock. The government must now focus on how to prevent them from affecting Ghana's security system, economic and political systems because they are stuck in the country. Let's not forget that The Senate-passed a law which bans the transfer of detaines to USA.

But why must Ghana accept these two as emerging information indicates that they are of a "high security risk" to the country, contrary to earlier information provided by the United States government.

A report on the two - Mahmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef, 36 and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby, 34 - both Yemeni nationals - by the US whistle blower, WikiLeaks, states that the former inmates took active part in the operations of terrorist group, AI-Qaeda.

In 2015 we had several informations which suggest thst more ghanaisns are recruited into terrorist organisations. Some few days ago Burkina Faso our closest neighbour at the north was attacked terrorists.

We should be careful because we are playing with fire.

And ndc must desist from draging Nana Addo into their propaganda because every Ghanaians knows ndc is superb when it comes to lies based on president Mahama and ndc track record.

Julius W. A. Afedi
Critical thinkers

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