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19.01.2016 Feature Article

The Ethics Of Moneymaking

The Ethics Of Moneymaking
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Many folks allude in mischief to the old dictum "money is not everything," alas, money is something. I am about to redefine the philosophy of money while I seek to dispel the myth that money or its love is literally the root of all evil. Yes, I dare not gainsay the spiritual assertion of the Apostle Paul, who declared that, "For the love of money is the root of all evil..." (1 Timothy 6:10). But I believe there is a gross contextual misinterpretation of this profound Bible verse. The Apostle had persons with corrupt minds in mind, adding that, their chief preoccupation was cupidity. Thus leading them into all sorts of despicable deeds.

Therefore, is our God averse to moneymaking? Certainly not, brethren! As children of God born into the family of Christ, we have been ushered into a new life divine prosperity, peace and progress. So why should some conservative Christian sects hold brief for moneymaking or even amassing wealth? We claim to be the seed of Abraham as Christians in Christ, but are we cognizant of the fact that Abraham was fabulously rich? In fact, money is now traded in the form of currency - notes and coins - or negotiable instruments like cheques, and even financial assets. However, salts, silver, gold, beads, cattle etc. were all used as money in past times - they were mediums of exchange in everyday life.

Moreover, money can never be negligible in the life of a man; money answers all things (Ecclesiastes 10:19). Come on, you read it right! Unfortunately, there are multitudes of souls wallowing in squalor since money is not a priority to them. For the aforementioned scripture actually means that money answers the recurrent questions of mankind in our daily lives. Okay, money answers the cyclical question of "what will I eat?" Besides, "Cleanse your mind of all weird and superstitious beliefs about money. Do not ever regard money as evil or filthy. If you do, you cause it to take wings and fly away from you. Remember that you lose what you condemn. You cannot attract what you criticize," according to Joseph Murphy.

Say what? Wallace D. Wattles in his book "The Science of Getting Rich" in 1910 disclosed that, "There is no virtue in poverty. It is a mental disease that should be abolished from the face of the earth." Again, the permanent diminution of the subject of money is real source of impoverishment or financial constraints in the lives of many. It may be expedient for one to crave money, but as per the law of equity and in the spirit of integrity. And it is high time we prosecuted the thought-provoking quote of Jonathan Swift, "A wise person should have money in his head, but not in his heart." Need I say more?


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