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19.01.2016 General News

Global Peace Campaign Kick-Starts In Ghana With Benefits

By Isaac Kyei Andoh
Global Peace Campaign Kick-Starts In Ghana With Benefits
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Being in a world largely focused on putting up a beautiful and acceptable outward appearance and impression, mankind has not really embraced the fact that for every good we seek outside, it must first begin from the inside.

Peace can’t win the battle against war if the individuals instigating the battle and in the middle of it have no peace within themselves or brought to the consciousness of dealing with disappointments with sense of optimism.

Donald Brown, the British Award winning sculptor and athletic medallist is on a journey around the world with message of peace inspired by sports and art.

The Art work seeks to bring man to the positives of life and opportunities presented by challenges. With all the major sporting disciplines intertwined to send one message: that everyone has a little good within enough to propel them to the pinnacle of their dreams if focused on, SPORTING CHANCE FOR PEACE presents the world a rare opportunity to make the search for peace not just a mirage but reality.

Though sports are appreciated for the fun and business side, it teaches important humans principles that are often overlooked due to our quest and desire to win at all cost.

We live in a world where nothing matter aside winning. But realistically, the foundation for winning is laid by losing. Every serial loser was at a point in time a loser and propelled by the desire not to taste defeat again to the very top they find themselves.

This has been the life of many people: until things go their way, they don’t see the positive aspect of life in their setbacks and disappointment. But this is not life in its entirety.

Missing the bus can mean salvation from life ending accident; failing the exams can be the key to discovering your God given talent. To every evil that happens to us, there can be a positive emanating from it.

In a game of football for instance, an uncertain goal denied by a foul can create the opportunity for a penalty which offers a bigger opportunity for scoring a goal. In view of this, the best way to make the quest for global peace and encourage peaceful coexistence in communities and neighbourhoods is to bring every people of the world to the knowledge that nothing bad is that bad and that to every crowd there is a silver lining.

No individual at peace with himself will start a war. In view of this, the best way to achieve global peace is to help people activate the ability to experience inner peace in the face of trials and hard times.

Promoting peace and positive principles for life: respect, discipline, patience, humility, forgiveness and healing with the sculptor, the message of Donald Brown has received worldwide endorsement. With Organisations affiliated to the UN, state actors from ever growing list of countries Hollywood celebrities: the message is spreading like fire to every corner of the globe

This is the message, inspired by a piece of art that is taking Donald Brown around the world. Starting his journey in Ghana, Mr Brown indicated that his desire to begin his worldwide tour in Ghana was informed by the growing reputation of the country in the subject of peace and hospitality.

His impression about the country was indeed confirmed when together with with HEAG Medical Community, Ghana (“HMCG”) founder Dr. Kwadwo Gyarteng-Dakwa and DA & JK Group found by Mr. Daniel Nguyen with the help of a few individuals succeeded in meeting key personalities in the country under a very short notice

Meeting with Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, Deputy Minister of Health Dr Victor Bampoe, IGP, John Kudalor, Zimbabwe and Mozambique Ambassadors to Ghana and some key figures at the Presidency, the trip was declared hugely successful.

Donald Brown took the opportunity to present the print “A SPORTING CHACE FOR PEACE” to all these key individuals which is on sale all over the world.

On 21st September, 2016, international day of peace, copies of the printed sculptor will be displayed all over the world create the largest simultaneous display of prints in history. In all, about two billion prints are expected to be displayed all over the word.

On the same date 2017, every country will display a limited edition of a bronze version of the sculptor at the same time to create the largest simultaneous display of bronze sculptor in history.

Claim your place in history by visiting

Part of proceeds from the sales of the sculptor- which is deemed as one of the most creative and inspiring piece of art the world has seen will be used to support the construction of an international standard medical community- The HEAG Medical Community Centre in Ghana (“HMCG”).

HEAG Medical Community is the brainchild of Dr Kwadwo Gyarteng Dakwa, M.D. Anaesthesiology & Pain Management expert of Ghanaian origin and based in the US.

With five Pain Management Centres across the US, Dr Dakwa has begun the process of bringing state- of- the-art health care to the people of Africa. Ghana will be the hosting nation but the target is the entire African Continent.

The HEAG Medical Community Centre in Ghana under the auspices of Health and Education Assistance for Ghana (HEAG) will provide health care to persons from all walk of lives. A strategy will be adopted that will take from those who in the position to afford the cost of their health care and use part to give healthcare to those who cannot afford.

Alarmed by the growing number of Ghanaians and by extension African who travel abroad for treatment of complicated health challenges and those who die due to their inability to afford the cost of health care, Dr Dakwa conceived the idea of bring quality and affordable healthcare to the doors of Ghanaians. The centre seeks to solve a major problem that is harming the whole nation.

Learn more about Ghana Medical Community at:

Fortune Magazine of January 2016 has identified Donald Brown as one of the Top Twenty Game Changers of the year 2016.

From Ghana, the peace train, driven by Donald Brown moved to Jordan, where a piece of the sculptor was presented to HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein.

In January 2016, the print of “A Sporting Chance for Peace” will be presented to Trumpet Award organization

In Jun 13-14, 2016, the print of “A Sporting Chance for Peace” will be presented at United Nation supporting the Global Peace Initiative.

The next decade is set to be exciting if people will embrace the powerful message of Donald Brown

Ghanaians can contribute to this initiative by purchasing SPORTING CHANCE FOR PEACE sculptor. Claim Your Place in History

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