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Americans are wise; Prof. Martey speaks of GITMO two

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Americans are wise; Prof. Martey speaks of GITMO two
LISTEN JAN 13, 2016

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey is asking President Mahama and other leaders in Ghana to wise up and stop putting the lives of Ghanaians in danger.

His comment comes as President Mahama justified the need for the two former Gitmo detainees to be sheltered in Ghana.

The President asked Christian groups who had protested against the decision to accommodate the ex-detainees to show their Christian compassion.

But Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey disagrees.
He wondered if Ghanaians are more Christian than the Americans who have rejected the two and have passed a law to stop their entry into the USA.

“In fact our Christian wisdom dictates to us that these two detainees must be sent away,” Professor Martey told Joy News.

“No caring leader will even think of putting his people in danger. Bringing these two GITMO detainees put the whole of Ghana in danger,” he said.

“The Americans are wise; they protect their people…there is terrorism everywhere, this is the reason why our leaders must minimize their mistakes and not put Ghanaians in the slightest danger.”

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