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14.11.2004 Diaspora (France)

Tragedy In Paris - Ghanaian's Head Chopped Off

Tragedy In Paris - Ghanaian's Head Chopped Off
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The Ghanaian community in France was rocked by a tragic event on Wednesday 10 of November 2004 . A Ghanaian boy working for a recycling company in Pierrefitte - suburb of Paris - was “recycled” with the plastic water containers he was recycling. The 23-year-old, by name George, was working on the recycling machine, when it got locked due to an over-charge. George stepped into the machine to unlock it, but forgot to dis-activate the emergency switch. After releasing the blockages from the sharp blades, the machine started its usual work chopping off George's head, and recycled the main body partially. Only a few months ago, Paa Kwasi a 30-year-old man was stabbed to death by his sister in law. There are about 16,000 Ghanaians living in France and until these two sad cases, the Ghanaian Diaspora has been a quiet one. May his soul rest in peace !

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