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Towards Affirmative Action – Women Should Have Self-Realization

.....Evelyn Ampoma Danso Advocates, As She Charges Mothers To Be Patient With Pregnant Daughters
By  Frederick E. Aggrey
Towards Affirmative Action – Women Should Have Self-Realization
LISTEN JAN 7, 2016

The Vice-Chancellor of the Abbeam Institute of Technology, Mrs. Evelyn Ampoma Danso has indicated that women should have self-realization, in our quest towards affirmative action.

She said that God has given women lots of talents which if they realized what their full potentials really are, it would motivate them to avail themselves for leadership roles in the society and various institutions the find themselves.

Speaking at a Women’s Conference under the theme ‘Am Coming Out – the Importance of a Woman’ at the School’s premises, Mrs. Danso indicated that women should realize that they are very important to both family and nation, and therefore should have self-realization, as a powerful tool towards success.

She added that women are very special and unique in God’s creation, and should know the purpose they were created.

She also advised women to be patient with their daughters who come home with unwanted pregnancies. She said at that time the harm had already been caused, and the way it is handled or addressed has the potential of either making or unmaking the child.

She said broken homes are mostly responsible for teenage and unwanted pregnancies, and advised couples to ensure that they keep the home intact.

She also appealed to lawmakers and policy makers to consider the plight of women when enacting laws, especially women in rural areas.

She said her foundation has earmarked funds to assist needy women into craftsmanship and apprenticeship.

Women were also tasked to inculcate and embrace entrepreneurship, and learn to be self-dependent and innovative.

Also, women were advised to get out of their shells and take up positions of authority.

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