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NPP Must Create Positive Energy Going Into 2016!!

NPP Must Create Positive Energy Going Into 2016!!
LISTEN DEC 28, 2015

Power of Positive Confession changes an atmosphere filled with polluted information, and this must be observed paramountly in the mouths of the NPP membership, going into the new year.

Being open and honest with the people, as a political party, especially in an election year, is the key to securing the blossoming trust and confidence they will choose to repose in the party. I observed this worked for the Cameron's led Conservative Party in UK seeking power and going into their second term in office.

Usually, people often don’t take notice of their words and the power they have over their lives through their confessions, and even as the year 2015 comes to an end, I entreat you all, first as individuals and second, as a political party, to cultivate the spirit of positive confession, going forward in 2016 and beyond.

Your tongue can either speak life or death at any given moment, not knowing the effect it will have on you or those you care about most, but before you realised, the harm has already been caused.

There are many ways in which we can use a positive confession to create the world we want and make us realise the victory we seek.

One area that is often overlooked in our relationship with our colleague members in the party, even in our own personal relationship with our loved ones is the neglect of positive confession.

The positive spirit we exhibit as a people have direct influence on others around us, who may be ordinary political admirers and sympathisers. However, from experience, I have noticed therefore that, there are multiple ways that we can take charge of the words we speak and create a positive environment that will not only benefit us as individuals, but others who look up to us, but may have been consumed whilst lapsing into the discouragement of circumstances.

You know, when God finished creating the world, according to Bible, God said that whatever He has created was good; even though I believe God saw the troubles and calamities to come before they even happened. Even the serpent's tricks, the Adam and Eva who would disobey God's instructions and eat the fruit He, God instructed them not to eat at the Garden of Eden. But in all, God said, it was good He created them. Position Confession! Interesting, isn't it?

Things seems to have calmed down drastically in the NPP now, after NEC's drastic decisions. But you and I, have a daunting responsibility to think and speak differently about the situation from now onwards. Speaking and thinking positively from now will not only help the party (NPP) to focus on the fight ahead but it will also help the downhearted ones to gather courage and hope, to avoid reinvigorating their stresses and discouragements.

As humans, and as political party, it is so easy to speak negatively when we find ourselves in a negative situation, especially when all indications point to a known trojan horses who are purposely and intentionally determined to destroy and derail the party's forward movement from within. Members will react vigorousl, especially when the entire media appear to be giving the party only negative press reportage.

Naturally, people tend to speak out of emotion like that and not from the heart, especially when no quick solution seems to be coming from anywhere to help solve the problem confronted with. And we know oftentimes, when you speak from an emotional stance, you can say things that hurt and cannot be taken back.

I remember recently, when the NDC President, John Mahama sought to take advantage of an emotional comment made by a party sympathiser about President Kufour. This was quite devastating and disheartening, irrespective of the situation the NPP found itself in.

In 2016, if it become necessary that we need to pick up an argument with any member, and emotions are running high, my advice is that, one should take a timeout to remind yourself that this is just a heated discussion and that you still cherish the member, even though you feel like you hate him at that moment. This is normal, it is not a permanent feeling—it’s just an emotion in the moment. This is what will win us the power we seek in 2016!!

Inasmuch as some of us may have some kind of reservations and concerns about the former President, J. A. Kufuor on his loud silence on almost all the happenings in NPP and also in Mahama's maladministration in Ghana, it would be more prudent to leave out all negative wordings about him. Itbis worth to note that, his singular achievement as former President of the Republic of Ghana, on the ticket of NPP will be paramount in the campaign message and in all debates, and Ghanaians respect that.

The power of releasing the energy of Positive Confessions in 2016 and raising the hopes of Ghanaians will transform any supposed negative energy lingering in the atmosphere about the New Patriotic Party. NPP today is the only hope, coming with excellence for Ghanaians.

Another way we can change things and clear the atmosphere with positive confession is to do so consistently in our daily actions and conversations/debates. Let's speak things that releases the spirit of confidence and confidence for the future.

It is a natural phenomenon that making positive confessions in your own life, whether with Scriptures or other affirmations, creates a positive energy around you, and as a political party seeking to win power to change things positively, needs to adopt this positive spirit.

This doesn’t mean that you as a person with positive confessions won’t go through difficult times, or as a party, but your attitude towards those challenges will definitely be different when positive energy is always released from your positive confessions.

Even starting from today, may this season that brings showers of good wishes be a time of watering your words with positivity, and may you enjoy the fruit that cometh through the victory we capture in the 2016 general elections!! Amen.

Peter Antwi Boasiako

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