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11.11.2004 General News

NDC Press Statement on "Coup Attempt"

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken note of a statement issued by the Police authorities over the weekend indicating that it is investigating a "threat to the security of the country". The statement has sparked off wild media speculations leading to general uneasiness and anxiety in and outside the country.

According to court reports, one former military personnel has been charged with possession of one pistol and twelve rounds of ammunition, whilst another has been granted self-recognisance bail in the sum of fifty million cedis. From these charges, the people of Ghana are left in no doubt that this latest coup scare is another grand diversionary strategy of the NPP government. In their desperation they have become oblivious to the resulting damage that has been caused to Ghana's image abroad and the investment climate at home that the NDC worked so hard to build and sustain.

This latest coup mongering serves to reinforce the consistent pattern adopted by the NPP government and its security agencies since they assumed the reins of power in 2001. Whenever the Kufuor administration has been confronted with public demands to account for their actions as in the very recent case of the pre-mix fuel scandal where three of their ministers are reported to have embezzled billions of cedis, they deliberately create diversions to confuse the general public.

We recall similar stories in the past including that of a certain Mallam Moro allegedly hired by the NDC and housed in Hatso to perform rituals for a coup; the arrest of Col. Gbevlo Lartey, ex Commanding Officer of the 64 infantry unit of the Ghana Armed Forces also in connection with a so called coup plot, as well as a story planted in a Liberian newspaper about mercenaries allegedly hired by opposition elements to destabilize the country.

This latest coup scare which is an obvious hoax has unnecessarily heightened tensions in the country and has the potential to cause irreparable damage to the integrity and reputation of the country. This is a telling indictment on the Kufuor administration. The NDC bequeathed a legacy of peace and stability as well as making Ghana a safe haven for investment in a troubled sub-region.

The NDC is firmly committed to Ghana's constitutional democracy and we demonstrated this belief in the peaceful handover of power when the good people of this country opted for a change. This was the first time in our post colonial history.

As has often been repeated by Professor Atta Mills, the NDC will not condone any acts that will seek to undermine our young democracy. Neither will the NDC allow any acts that will be used as a smokescreen to undermine free, transparent and fair elections.

The forward march to the sustenance of democracy in our beloved country is a non-negotiable commitment of our Presidential Candidate and the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress.

With the NDC clearly poised for victory in the 2004 elections, we demand of the citizens of our beloved country, Civil Society groups, the international community in Ghana and the world at large to contribute to a free, fair, transparent and violence free elections.

This would serve as the solid rock upon which Ghana's democracy will thrive.

Long Live Ghana

Long Live Freedom and Justice

And May Truth Guide the Governance of our Dear Nation.

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