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10.11.2004 Gossips

Finance Minister in love with Apuskeleke

By Palaver
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Cape Coast, Nov. 10, Palaver -- Africa's Best Finance Minister has joined the growing band of NPP philanderers and "Apuskeleke"-chasers by causing to be transferred from Cape Coast to Accra a young and lovely damsel who used to work at the Cape Coast branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank and with whom he is having a romantic dalliance unbeknownst to his legally-wedded wife.

Having bought and furnished a house (and a storey building at that) for her in Accra where he engages in regular sexual trysts with her, having employed a bodyguard for her and to perform security duties in the house whilst all along the young damsel, completely unimpressed with the "non-performing" biological prowess of Africa's Best Finance Minister. has been mocking him behind his back, telling her friends about Africa's Best Finance Minister's penchant to ask her to "direct no ma me) (direct it for me) when engaged in the act to which she is not legally entitled, and that Africa's Best Finance Minister is now a member of that exclusive NPP Group of cheating.

Non-condom using politician husbands who take pride in displaying their lack of manhood to youthful "Apuskelekes" and demeaning their political positions in the process, which Group now includes President J. A. Kufuor (Gizelle Yajzi), Dr. Richard Anane (Alexandria O'Neill), Thomas Broni (Martha Nkrumah), Stephen Asamoah-Boateng (Zulueta), to which we can now add the name of Africa's Best Finance Minister?

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