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10.11.2004 NPP News

NPP Celebrating Beggar Status -CPP

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NPP Is Tagging And Stamping Ghana As A Beggar Nation - CPP In recent months in many parts of Ghana, the population have become a little concerned at the rate at which every new building, little or large, School block or toilet block has acquired new inscriptions, new stamping – words which say “ Benefit of HIPC Funding”.

The populace is a little concerned because they have other schools and roads around them, they have other toilet blocks around them without inscription or stamping of any kind.

They know that 95% of Ghana's development has flowed from the CPP government of the 50's and 60's – Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Motorways, Hotels, whole towns and townships, Barrack Blocks, Harbours, Universities, Airports etc , but the CPP government of the time did not tag or stamp or write anything on these buildings as developments by the CPP or indeed how the developments were funded.

Other governments that have followed have also not found it necessary to stamp inscriptions on buildings and developments in this way.

The NPP's recent plans of inscribing, tagging, or stamping new buildings and developments with “ HIPC” can only be described as “CRASS” – they seem to be hell bent on tagging and stamping Ghana as a beggar nation.

The CPP has always believed in the dignity of the African and working to promote the image of the black man, but the NPP seemingly wants at every opportunity to undermine that dignity. It is not enough for them that they have declared us a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) but they also want to celebrate the fact.

They seem to want to tell the whole world that we are a beggar nation.

Our advice to the NPP – Stop tagging and stamping Ghana with these absurd inscriptions on every new building, stop celebrating failure. The person who came up with this daft idea should be sacked forthwith.

Yours In The Service Of Every Proud Ghanaian

IC4 Secretariat, London e mail [email protected]

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