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General News | Nov 8, 2004

French Embassy Invites NDC Team


...To Substantiate Rawlings Allegations The French Embassy have sent an invitation to the campaign team of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for a meeting to clarify certain issues raised by ex-President Rawlings in a letter to the French President.

Among other things, the French Embassy would want the NDC to substantiate allegations made by ex-President Rawlings that the NPP was planning to rig the December elections. This invitation by the French, according to embassy sources was because of a letter sent by the ex-President to Jacques Clirac and other western leaders that the Kufuor administration was taking measures to rig the forthcoming elections.

Rawlings alleged that the Kufuor administration had packed the Electoral Commission with their favorites and was also training aw party police to intimidate opposition figures and voters. Unconfirmed sources revealed that the other western embassies had also requested the NDC to furnish them with concrete evidence to back the allegations.