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13.12.2015 Feature Article

Caring For All Believers For Christ Is God

Caring For All Believers For Christ Is God
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Telling the Christian truth is becoming difficult for many for fear of reprisals. Many have resorted to diplomatically use of words in telling the truths which most often distort the meaning and truth elements. Publishing houses have begun dwindling with printing such truths. Dear Beloved this is the time we need to show our love for Christ and face what is which your Lord Jesus Christ also did face. I do however share the idea that we should not be provocative in bringing out all scriptural truths, but wisely and fearlessly.

If the Spirit of God has revealed (John 16: 13-15) Jesus Christ to you and the element of God in Christ to you, you will be able to do this fearlessly. It is the inclusiveness of Christ which also makes Him Spirit to God’s children (Rom. 8:2) who enable s us benefit from His Spirit. Because we are no longer flesh, or belong to the world but a new man as a gift to Christ by God (John 17:2, 6). The enemy this time is very intimidating, so also is the power of the Spirit of God been intensified Sevenfold. Remember God’s dealings with the old chosen children (the Israelites) in Egypt under Pharaoh; God enabled the magicians of Pharaoh the abilities to also do some magic, however the Power of God through His servant Moses won the day.

Unfortunately in the last times some who claim to be the servants of God; but are in reality magicians of today also do miracles to woe the vulnerable and the ignorant. Pentecostism has been hijacked by the Satan,these persons, and devils representatives of Satan under the banner of powerful churches. Am I saying all such churches are! No but one needs to look closely to some of these improbably magical feats cocktailed with immorality and abusive, deceptive, wealth acquisition. Our Christ lived above board and with the Spirit of God working in the Elders, Deacons, and Deaconess of the Churches this can be curtailed.

All along we Christians should never lose sight of the Power within the workings in the resurrection which first started with Christ and us (Eph. 1: 19-22; Phil. 3:10). The Spirit is the divine essence of Christ, being God Himself (John 4:24). I s this the teaching which confuses people and think I teach strange gospel?

The truth that Jesus Christ is the Son in the One but ONLY Triune or Trinity God deserves no one’s apology.In resurrection the Godship of Jesus Christ was authenticated to mortal men, which enabled Him live the life of man and God at the same time to overcome Satan, sin and death. In such manner we are able to believe and leave similarly as Christ lived not by our power, but the Power of God in us.

I said last week that;We who have believed in and received His Son. We too will be designated and revealed as sons of God, as He Christ was in the glory of His resurrection (Rom. 8: 19, 21) and with Him express God. (The Church as part of the Body and Headed by Christ should rather be expressing and magnifying God; than what many are currently magnifying the miracles God does and the wealth so many will want to acquire by any means than knowing Christ/God). To know Gods’ full salvation is to make sinners (Rom.3:23) even His enemies (5:10), the Sons of God (8:14, 29. I Peter.1:3 becoming or constitute the Body of His Firstborn (12:5), which is the fullness (Eph.1:23) of His expression.

Therefore I end this week by saying again that Jesus Christ is God. He is unlike any prophet or messenger of God or other gods. Jesus Christ is the only One who died and rose up; all the others are still in their thumps. We also know that the only prophets who will come at the height of the end times will be Moses and Elijah, and even they cannot claim equality with God. Because the Bible proves that Jesus Christ is God starting from the next sharing we shall be confirming why “caring for the believers” is dear to the heart of God.

I salute all before us and even now during these modern days, who have been, martyred and faced with persecution for believing in the only Lord and Saviour, God (Jesus Christ). I will not say just any faith. I can say there are some faiths which are not worth dying for; please do care and find out which ones these are. Contact the local Christian Church near you anywhere; I can say in this wide world or earth in every corner you will find these visible and invisible Churches. Even in Bible or Christian forbidden parts of this earth, for it has to come to past as spoken by God.

The humble servant of God
Jude Thaddeus Taylor.