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05.11.2004 NPP News

More Leave NPP to NDC

By Lens
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Lens -- Two Hundred and fifty supporters of the ruling NPP at Bimbila have defected en masse to the NDC.

A spokesman for the defectors, Alhassan Burihadi Kabo, said having come to the realization that the NPP does not truly believe in the democracy that it preaches, and also having regard to the fact that the NPP has clearly demonstrated its incompetence in the face of the mounting national debt and ever-increasing poverty, they have decided to leave the NPP and join the NDC

"President Kufuor is a total failure and huge disappointed to us. The hopes that we had that the NPP would use their vaunted "intellectual capabilities" to work to redeem the people of this country from the clutches of poverty and depravation were quickly shattered by the dawning of reality on us that not only do they not have the capabilities that they boasted about, but that they are so bereft of ideas as to go sourcing for loans from hairdressing saloons."

The defectors promised to work assiduously with other party members to ensure victory for the NDC.

In a related development, an NPP treasurer at Mpaha in the Damongo/ Daboya constituency, Mr. Iddrisu Dugbartey, has defected from the NPP to NDC.

Announcing his defection at a rally at Mpaha last week, Mr. Dugbartey said "I have been with the NPP since 1992, and I thought that I belonged to a party that has the men to save this country, but I have come to realise that they are empty barrels".

He said given the sweet, sweet promises made by the NPP during the 2000 elections, the least that the people of this country expected was for their living standards to remain at 2000 levels but not to deteriorate far beyond those levels.

He accused the Kufuor government of insensitivity and insincerity, as he wondered whether a sensitive and sincere government would announce increment in workers salaries only to turn around, in typical "Kweku Ananse" fashion, and slash down salaries to levels beyond the pre-increment levels.

He said that as a parent, he was one of the many Ghanaians who were made to believe that an NPP government would reduce school fees and other education related charges, but with today's reality of high school fees, high utility tariffs, and generally high cost of living staring him in the face, he has come to the realisation that all the NPP's boasts and promises were mere rhetoric aimed at deceiving the good people of this country into voting them to power.

"I am therefore seriously urging all Ghanaians to vote the insensitive and insincere NPP out. Let us give the mandate to Prof. Mills and the NDC. They have done it before, and I have every confidence that they can do it again," Mr. Dugbartey urged.

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