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05.11.2004 NDC News

Gt. Accra NDC Storms Mantseagbonaa

By Lens
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Lens -- Tomorrow, Saturday 6th Novemebr 2004, the Greater Accra Region NDC will hold a regional rally at Mantseagbonaa, at James Town British Accra.

A couple of weeks ago, the NPP held the launch of its national campaign at the same venue and a large crowd of people from every corner of the country and beyond converged there.

The NDC had launched its National Campaign much earlier at the more spacious Victoria park at Cape Coast, and, since the NPP's event at Mantseagbonaa, NDC activists have argued that the crowd that converged at Mantseagbonaa for the NPP event fades into insignificance when compared to the crowd that converged for the NDC event at Cape Coast.

NDC activists argue that the Greater Accra region is now irrevocably lost to the NPP and that the NPP's choice of Mantseagbonaa for the launch of its National Campaign was intended to create the impression that the NPP still dominates Accra, a strategy, they say, has failed woefully as it fooled no one but die in the wool NPP activists.

"We are going to have a regional rally, mind you I say regional rally, which means that people will come from every part of the Greater Accra region to be part of the rally. And I can bet anybody that the supporters that will be there will be more than Mr. Kufuor and the NPP managed to gather," said one Nii Tetteh, an NDC activist, brimming with confidence.

"Look we will not use air-conditioned buses to lure people to the rally as the NPP did a few weeks ago, we will not paint Metro Buses in NDC colours or have Atta-Mills' picture on them, people will come to the rally whether the party provides transportation or not. Just visit the constituencies and you would know how people are yearning for an opportunity to come out and showcase their support for and solidarity with the NDC. Saturday will be one such occasion," Nii Teteh concluded.

Speakers at the rally are expected to include the flagbearer of the party, who is currently touring parts of the Eastern region, and a host of party bigwigs.

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