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04.11.2004 Politics

Kennedy Agyapong leads the "Lie crusade"

By Lens
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Accra, Nov 3, Lens -- The NPP can simply not avoid the temptation of using lies as a political tool to obtain or cling on to power. Even as the D day approaches, the operatives of the ruling party, have taken their renowned lying capacity to a whole new height.

A TV commercial that is being currently aired has Kennedy Agyapong typically using NPPs deceitful politricks being used to maximum effect.

He claims in this commercial that the minimum wage at the time the NDC was in power was 2,200 cedis. This is the first blatant lie. The truth is that the minimum wage at the time the NDC handed over power to the NPP was 4,200 cedis.

Kennedy Agyapong also claims that only on tin of milk could be bought at the time with that minimum wage. That is another lie. A tin of milk at the time was worth 1,500 cedis so two could be bought with some lose change left.

What he failed to say was that at the time of the NDC, a gallon of petrol cost 6,400 cedis so one needed to add only 2,200 cedis to the minimum wage to afford a gallon of petrol. What is the case today? At least 8,800 must be added to the current minimum wage before one could buy the same gallon of petrol. Which is worse, Mr Agyapong?

As if these blatant fabrications were not enough, Kennedy Agyapong also adds the more flagrant lie that the cost of constructing the Tettey Quarshie interchange was $25 million at the time of the NDC but the NPP has reduced this down to only $10 million. What a Lie!

The truth as well known to him and to his other NPP officials is that under the NDC it was going to cost only $9.2 million to do the Tettey Quarshie interchange. The additional cost that took the project to $25m, had to do with two major road projects that were an integral component of the Tettey Quarshie project. These were: The construction of a dual carriage way linking Tettey Quarshie to Pantang and then an asphaltic single lane road from Pantang to Manfi.

When will NPP and its officials stop the lying? Can they never speak the truth?

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