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02.11.2004 CPP News

CPP Is United , Renewed and Rejuvenated

By IC4 Secretariat, London
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With the nominations now closed on both the Parliamentary and Presidential race and details now emerging from the Electoral Commission, its time to look at the situation in the field.

The CPP has clearly emerged very united, a situation going back to its very successful congress a year ago at the University of Ghana , Legon.

Since the Congress , the CPP has set about updating and opening new Constituency offices across the country, it has organised its primary elections in almost all constituencies and fielding 173 parliamentary candidates , without the rancour, court cases or violence of the other parties particularly the NPP. It has also handled any rifts firmly but maturely to maintain unity.

Across the country the calibre of CPP candidates is first rate, from former CPP Chairman Dr Abubaker Alhassan standing in Tamale South, young University Don Dr Nasser Adam in Tamale Central to National Vice Chair Araba Bentse-Enchill in Cape Coast , Patience Ameku in Tongu Central to Squadron Leader Sogbodzo in Ada. Ibrahim Alabira in Mion, Michael Dedey in Ho Central, Kwame Appiah Boateng in Nhyiaeso,Kumasi ( “Kwame Mayor”), and many many more. It is also representative of the country, Artisans, Doctors, Engineers, Traders, Architects etc and good testament of the CPP's policy not to charge anyone for seeking to be a parlimantary candidate and thereby maintain the principle that parliamentary representation should be open to all and not just rich people. Other Parties were charging upto C11 million to be a candidate in their party primaries.

The message to the country is clear:

· The CPP is united, and thus only CPP can unite the country with all tribes living in harmony.

· The CPP is representative, ie regardless of your status in society, you are important.

· The CPP abhors violence, and will thus prevent violence in the country.

· The CPP wants parliamentary representation to be open to all and not just rich people.

· CPP candidates are first rate. All professions are represented.

· CPP candidates are the youngest in the field in many many constituencies, and thus other young people should join the CPP.

· CPP Renewal is now very firm indeed. Forward Ever

· The CPP is rejuvenated. Backward Never

International Campaign Co- Ordinating Committee for CPP

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