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27.11.2015 Feature Article

Raising Capital: No More Excuses

Raising Capital: No More Excuses
LISTEN NOV 27, 2015

Where is the Money?
Lack of capital, more than any other factor has been bundied as the major reason for projects that were never started or those that started but failed to achieve scale or become self-sustaining. The mystery of “capital” has indeed taunted many and will continue to snuff life out of people’s dreams; persons who could otherwise be the Bill Gates, Sam Jonah’s or Aliko Dangotes of tomorrow. A tragedy indeed but a fact notwithstanding. In order to successfully unravel this conundrum, a clear appreciation of business modelling and how that can be used to effectively address the question of risks and rewards, is absolutely important. Having dreams of greatness and having the financial wherewithal to achieve same should not necessarily be mutually exclusive. It remains a fact however, that almost invariably, they are. Those who envision must seek out those who have the money with a promise of returns. This economic partnership is driven by the proverbial self-interest of humankind than by sheer charity. Sad but true. So whether your organisation is a non-profit or for profit, the challenge of capital adequacy and/or liquidity directly impacts your organizational outcomes. Understanding this language of self-interest in finance and knowing how to play the commercial game of risk and returns would stand anyone in good stead in terms of managing the capital risk of a project or enterprise. Any program or event therefore that seeks to contribute to this area of financial literacy, is a worthwhile cause. This is exactly what Patriots and Leaders Conference 2015 seeks to achieve. On December 19th 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre, the question of capital raising would be sufficiently dealt with.

Enter Mr. Ato Barnes
Mr. Barnes is currently the Private Sector Development Advisor for the Canadian International Development Agency and a Senior Advisor and board member for SEM Capital Management Limited. He has been a lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School teaching EMBA class in investment analysis and portfolio management and the director of the Ghana Stock Exchange Securities Industry Course for several years. He holds an MBA with concentration in Finance and Accounting from the University of Rochester, New York. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. His areas of expertise include Investment analysis and portfolio management, corporate finance, institutional assessments, project finance, strategic planning, economic research and project monitoring and evaluation, etc.

Why You Must Attend Patriots & Leaders Conference 2015

Mr. Barnes has accepted Rural Heights Foundation’s invitation to speak at this year’s P&L Conference at the Accra International Conference Centre. He will be speaking on the topic: Driving Social Change: How to Raise Funding for Social Impact Projects and Programs.

If you are interested in unraveling the money mystery then this is a must-attend entrepreneurship conference. The date is December 19th 2015, and time is 10.00am to 1.00pm. For tickets to conference please call 0342 290 962 / 0505 767 865 or send email to [email protected]

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