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29.10.2004 Politics

Kufuor Scared Of Yendi

By Lens
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Mr. J. A. Kufuor has stated at the launch of the NPP's national campaign that he would not go to seek the votes of the people of Yendi and that he would only go to Yendi after the Ya-Na has been buried.

While the Mr. Kufuor sought to create the impression that his decision was out of his "respect" for the murdered overlord of Dagbon, your authoritative Lens can reveal that Mr. Kufuor's decision was motivated by his fear of the difficult questions that he had been informed by the BNI that the people of Dagbon are preparing to ask him whenever he sets foot in Yendi.

Among the tough questions that Mr. Kufuor is seeking to avoid by refusing to go to Dagbon is if he expects the people of Dagbon to take him at his word, given that he assured the Ya-Na that he (Ya-Na) would not come to any harm under an NPP government led by him (Kufuor), only for the Ya-Na to be murdered in broad daylight after three days of "sustained heavy artillery fire" , his head severed and paraded through the streets of Dagbon as though it was a trophy, under his administration.

The people of Dagbon have often recalled how in 2000 during a call on the Ya-Na by Mr. Kufuor, the Ya-Na expressed the fear that he (Ya-Na) might not outlast an NPP regime, which fear has come to pass with devastating effect.

By declaring Yendi, the capital of the Dagbon state, a no-go area for himself President J. A. Kufuor has clearly rejected the people of Dagbon, sending a clear message that his party does not need the votes of the people of Dagbon in the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile there is a school of thought that is of the view that Mr. Kufuor's statement is a confirmation of suspicions that have been expressed that there appears to be a grand design to prevent the Dagbon area form featuring in the 2004 elections.

This, they argue, is because no politician worth his sort can afford to discount the vote of the people of Dagbon and expect to win the elections, unless that politician is aware that the votes would not go to any other party, that is the people would not vote at all, and the only way that the people of Dagbon would not vote in the 2004 elections is if they are prevented by an imposition of a state of emergency or similar devious devices to prevent them from exercising their franchise.

It would be recalled that Mr. Kufuor defeated Prof. Mills at the 2000 polls by a margin of just about three-hundred thousand votes.

told him, "I don't have anything against your becoming a President, my only fear is if I can survive your government"

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