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28.10.2004 General News

African leaders are idiots - Kofi Wayo

By Chronicle
African leaders are idiots - Kofi Wayo
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... NPP is a “ Neo-colonialist government” ... Our Professors are elite vampires Legon, October 28, Chronicle --A LEADING member of the People's National Convention (PNC) and an avowed critic of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo, has extended his attack beyond the confines of Ghana to include other African governments saying, “ the entire African continent is being ruled by complete idiots.” Mr. Wayo, who goes by the nick name 'Chuck' or 'Nima boy' said the continent of Africa would continue to wallow in socio-economic quagmire, “if the current trend of having visionless leaders continues.” The loud-mouthed politician was speaking at a political forum organized by the Akuafo Hall of the University of Ghana, Legon, on the occasion of its 47th annual Hall week celebration, under the theme, “Election 2004: Change or Continuity” on Tuesday. After condemning African governments as being totally visionless and political vampires, Mr. Wayo then landed home and launched a blistering attack on President Kufuor and his NPP government. He said the government had done virtually nothing to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians, adding, he joined the NPP some time ago because he had thought the leaders of the party were capitalist-minded and would have, upon winning power; helped him to bring his experience on economic development to bear on their efforts. He said he was however astonished to realize that his opinion about the NPP was misplaced because, “the party came to power and all the people were interested in was 'chop, chop'.” “ Look, the NPP says there is no money in the system but the party has been able to buy 500 new pickups for campaigning while you continue to suffer,” the NPP renegade-turned stalwart of the newly formed PNC/GCPP/EGLE-grand coalition, told the hundreds of students at the forum. “ You as university students know what I am talking about, so don't allow yourselves to be deceived by the NPP this time round.” He described the NPP as a “ Neo-colonialist government” that was only commited to making leading members of the party alone enjoy the benefits of the natural resources of Ghana. He took a swipe at the country's scholars also, especially those who had deserted the field of research and teaching at the universities to become politicians. “Our Professors who have gone into politics and are occupying political positions are those I call elite vampires.” According to him, Professors and other high level academicians in the United States and other Western countries stayed in the lecture rooms to impart knowledge to the younger ones but in Ghana, “because our professors lack self initiatives to make it themselves, they resort to politics because they know that is where they can engage in 'chop, chop' and make the nation poorer.” “ The president's office is filled with a lot of Professors and PhD holders, but look at you, have they been able to improve your living conditions? Upon all this obvious mess, they go round telling you 'Kufuor Nie, Osono Nie' so vote for them again; bullshit. What we wanted to hear was, Kufour Nie, Development Nie,” Wayo said amidst a thunderous applause from the students. Touching on why he had not made a personal investment in the country, after years of having made Ghanaians aware that he was a well to do man, Chuck disclosed that the NPP government had refused to issue him a certificate to enable him start a salt industry at Ada which would have employed not less than 5000 Ghanaians. “They have refused to issue me the certificate for this worthy investment not for any reason but just for the fact that I criticize them and Kwabena Agyapong sitting right here (pointing to the presidential press secretary) is very aware of what I am saying.” He disclosed that though the Grand Coalition of the PNC, GCPP and EGLE was poised to win the December elections, if it should happen that there would be a second round of election between the NPP and the NDC, the Coalition would reach an agreement with any one of them, “ with strict terms” adding that after such an agreement had been reached to help such a party win the elections, “ there would be boom, boom if the party violates the terms of the agreement after assuming power.” “ If we don't win in the December elections, then I will form my own party for the 2008 elections and surely win to become your president,” Wayo assured the students who appeared visibly supportive of the Nima boy.

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