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27.10.2004 General News

Ghana Telecom Staff Cheating And Stealing

By Chronicle
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It has become evidently clear that every subscriber to Ghana Telecom (GT) landline is being cheated by the dubious technical staff controlling the main switchboard at their operating room.

I can emphatically state that landlines are daily tampered with and dubiously connected to other private cheaters by the technical staff for fees into their private pockets but the charges are debited to the real owners of the phone lines, thus swelling up monthly charges or bills into hundreds and millions of cedis.

I wish to advise all Ghanaians to record in their homes every single call they make and use their list of records to reconcile with the monthly itemized bills sent to them by the GT as this will expose how Ghanaians are cheated and defrauded and therefore should make them reject and refuse to pay the bills.

More also, Ghanaians should insist on accepting GT bills which indicate LANDLINE, CELLULAR PHONE and TRUNK calls. Any itemized bill indicating Mobitel, Scancom, GT Mobile and Trunk (Local and International) calls should also indicate local land calls otherwise, the bills should be rejected and payment refused lest no subscriber can reconcile his or her recorded daily calls with GT's itemized bill to know the correct and true calls made in order to honour and pay for all phone charges debited to his or her account.

Another trick being used by GT to cheat Ghanaians is that, subscribers are re-debited with charges already paid for and if it is pointed out to them (GT), they only say, 'Sorry, you will be credited with the amount involved' so, if subscribers do not carefully and seriously record their calls to cross check GT's bills, Ghana Telecom are happy to receive and accept payments of their cheating and stealing bills. With all these cheat and theft, Ghana Telecom wastes no time to disconnect phone lines when payments are defaulted.

Another trick they employ to cheat is that, because the phone lines are tampered with, the calls are repeated and the charges debited to the account of the subscriber. When challenged, 'computer error' is blamed or in refusing to accept their mistake, they insist that, once that particular number is familiar to one, one should pay for them just because it is printed on the bill.

All Ghanaian GT subscribers should seriously, honestly and sincerely record every single type of phone call they make to crosscheck itemized bills from GT.

This will help expose their corrupt practice and help us pay the genuine, proper and correct charges and bills. The dubious and corrupt practices at GT are well known to the management who have been arresting and prosecuting the culprits at the Law Courts. Some of these cases did come before me at the defunct Circuit Tribunal "A". Cocoa Affairs, 28th February Road, Accra so the above statements are true and nothing but the truth.

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