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06.11.2015 NPP News

NPP condemns Asawase murder; demands quick police investigation

By|Nathan Gadugah
NPP condemns Asawase murder; demands quick police investigation
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The New Patriotic Party has condemned the murder of a man believed to be a member of the party in the Asawase Constituency, Friday.

Director of Communications of the party Nana Akomea in an interview with described the murder of Abubakar Saddiq as "unfortunate."

"The party condemns it. We don't know what kind of provocation people came under for people to use lethal weapons on themselves. It is not on.

"We want the police to investigate quickly and bring the perpetrators to book.

"Meanwhile, the local party will meet and commiserate with the family if it is confirmed the dead person was a member or an NPP officer," he said.

Horrible for the party

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Nana Akomea said the party is yet to officially get the details about the circumstances under which Abubakar Saddiq was murdered but was quick to add that it will be "horrible" if it turned out the deceased was killed by persons within the party.

He said the party is yet to confirm if the murder has anything to with the current internal wrangling between the suspended party chairman Paul Afoko and the National Executive Council.

Abubakar Saddiq was believed to be part of the angry Akufo-Addo loyalists who locked up the Asawase Constituency office, Thursday in protest over comments made by the Chairman of the Constituency, Isaac Brenya.

The deceased and several other supporters had threatened to beat up Mr Brenya for supporting suspended National Chair Paul Afoko and for making comments they thought was derogatory for Nana Addo.

He was said to have gone to the constituency office on hearing the office had been ransacked Friday morning but was attacked and murdered by unknown assailants.

The incident happened few minutes after midday, Luv FM's Prince Appiah reported.