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02.11.2015 Opinion

An Open Letter To The People Of Ghana

By Thomas Akanyibah.
An Open Letter To The People Of Ghana
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Chapter three clauses 6,7,8,9 and 10 of the 1992 constitution summarizes the citizenship of any Ghanaian as by birth,adoption,marriage and naturalization. In effect,Ghana belongs to the people who owes allegiance to it.

Therefore,Kindly permit me to ask you this logical question fellow Ghanaians: "If Ghana belongs to those who owe allegiance to it,why then do we have a bunch of unfaithful citizens in the country"? Can anyone of you be brave and answer me this question?

I normally see people trying to protect and treasure their properties especially if they are of the best brand or very expensive but this attitude is unfortunately the opposite of what I see in our motherland. Ghanaians are raping and manhandling the very country they profess to owe allegiance to. We continue to loot the proceeds of the resources that belongs to the entire citizenry.

Our vulnerable mothers and siblings have been left under the scorching sun to trade and hawk under inhuman conditions simply because the national cake has been misappropriated by the corrupt.

Bribery and corruption has become pervasive in this country such that every neonate feels its our norm and culture.

Where are those who purport to belong to religious faiths that teaches justice,faithfulness and mercy?

The Ghana statistical service in its provisional results of the 2010 population and housing census as signed by Dr. Grace Bediako maintains that, 71.2% Ghanaians are Christians,17.6% are moslems and then 5.2% and 5.3% are traditionalist and nonreligious respectively. What amuses me about this religious groups is their common believe in God who they universally admit that is a God of LOVE.

Oh my God!, What a hypocrisy and lies.

In June 2013,the ace investigator Anas Aremeyaw Anas uncovered a total rot at the Tema port. He revealed that Ghana loses more than150 million dollars every month to individuals,foreigners and private companies in tax evation and also on import levies and excise duties.

In October 2014, twenty national service directors were also nabbed by the BNI for defrauding the country through ghost names to the tune of 7.9 million Ghana cedis."Are all these evil workers part of the Few 5.4% nonreligious?

In a similar abuse story on this country,the director of the -korle-bu pharmacy department and other accomplices were in January 2015 interdicted for allegedly misappropriating 900,000 Ghana cedis. I can not talk about how much successive governments and politicians have stolen both physically and through judgement debts and award of contracts.

"Why are Ghanaians currently weary relative to the extreme power crises and the economic failure"?

Are we not the same people who assaulted our motherland?

Are we not the very people who have hypocritically dragged the name of our productive and mineral-blessed mother Ghana in the mud?

I still remember my primary school torture that sought to impose a compulsory memory of the national pledge and anthem on me. I was spanked and ruthlessly chastised anytime I erred in the recitation of these national slogans but little did I know that I would be victimized especially when the second line of the national pledge :"TO BE FAITHFUL AND LOYAL TO MY MOTHERLAND" is being demonstrated.

Our country hates faithful citizens,whistle blowers are not given a national hug and recognition but the corrupt and the evil doers are the delight of the Ghanaian society.

Why must this happen to us?

Why must we even fail in all our endeavors when this country is so resourced coupled with the number of intellectuals we have?

It was also revealed in the census that 74.1% of the population 11 years and older are literate. Why then do we still have a disorganized system in our social structures?

This is the time we need to arise and demonstrate the true meaning of our national pledge and anthem.

This is the moment we ought to realize our ineptitudes as a people and work rigorously towards it.

It would be in our own interest if the entire social structure is overhauled with apolitical values and patriotic standards.

Ghana would surely be great if we would be united as one people giving no importance to tribal identities and political affinities.

Thank you

Thomas Akanyibah.

Ghana police service.

[email protected]

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